Today I'm going to be using marmite in place of stock in a rice, peas and quorn dish I'm cooking in the instant pot, it's something I learnt from the marmite cookbook my mum has, marmite is basically pure umami which is why it really adds something to a lot of dishes, I'll update when it's ready 😁


So, my method for this dish was to cook the rice in the instant pot using the rice programme before adding anything else.

I then stirred a teaspoonful of into some hot water and added that along with some quorn pieces and frozen peas before putting on the saute/brown programme and stirring everything up.

After a about 6 or 7 mins everything seemed warmed through and ready to eat and I served it up with a handful of salad leaves with lime juice and mayo

simple but tasty!

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oops forgot to describe the photo:

A plate of rice mixed with peas and quorn pieces alongside a handful of salad with a squiggle of mayo on top

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