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I'm leaving Bon Appétit video. Here's what's been happening over the last few months, and some thoughts.

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Hot smoked pork shoulder 

This was my first attempt at hot smoking a pork shoulder on a charcoal grill and it went pretty well. It took 10 hours to cook but I think it was worth it.

Controlling the temperature in a charcoal grill is difficult, especially at low temperatures. I tried the technique in this video and it was very helpful:

- youtube.com/watch?v=AIXsgPHxt6

re: Hot-Roasted Chicken Thighs 

This is my second attempt at slow-roasting chicken. Here's basically what I did:

1. Buy bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs
2. Lightly salt them on a cookie sheet and place them in the refrigerator. The longer the better.
3. Coat with Penzey's 33rd and Galena rub

Cook on the indirect side of a kettle grill with charcoal and Hickory chips. Try to keep the temperature between 200 and 250.

It took me a solid 4 hours get the internal tempreature up to 165 F. I became impatient after 3 hours of cooking at that temperature so I turned things up to about 300 degress.

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Hellooooooooooo it's Garlic Day (Jour de l'Ail)


This might inform my cooking today

Old timey recipe, coffins 

I love when old recipes call baking vessels "coffins"

this poll will probably lose you some friends 

best stovetop burner?

Hot smoked chicken thighs (meat and beer) 

Ok, i still don't think I am smoking properly but this chicken is still freakin fantastic 😁 (if I do say so myself)

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Hot smoked chicken thighs (meat and beer) 

All right, my last attempt at not smoking didn't go very well so I'm trying something easier.

I assure you that this meal also includes a vegetable 😋 


Also, a French omelette I made a few days ago. It's an unusually good picture for me.

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