Also, a French omelette I made a few days ago. It's an unusually good picture for me.

Beefy beeferson 

I overcooked it but oh well 😁 it will still work for sandwiches

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Beefy beeferson 

Some of my friends have bullied me into smoking the roast with wood chips, so I'm trying that now for the first time.

Fuck it, why not? 😁

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Hyperlink’s Kitchen Tips

JUST DUMP IN MORE PAPRIKA: Just dump in more paprika

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Beefy beeferson 

Sunday's my favorite day to cook and today I'm going to try cooking a Sirloin pot roast on charcoal. I'm kindof winging it so we'll see how things go 🙂

Here's the rub recipe, The only difference is that I substituted Chipotle chili powder for ancho chili powder, and it looks and smells *amazing*.


i did the thing

this is good as shit


Coffee Milkshake


  • 2 cups vanilla ice cream
  • approx 3/4 cup milk (adjust to desired THICCNESS)
  • 1tbsp instant coffee powder (adjust for desired coffee-strength)


  1. throw that shit in a blender
  2. pour it into a cup
  3. add sippy cylinder
  4. drink


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Waffle sandwiches 

I cook at the crossroads between America's Test Kitchen and Flavortown

If you've got a waffle maker that divides the waffle into decent-sized quarters, that means one waffle makes two little sandwiches

The local, wise: here's some finely crafted cocktails

Me, a buffoon: I can buy grape soda with booze already in it

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