Quinoa bowl with veggies and hummus. I had to order the tahini online but it was worth it πŸ˜‹

Butternut squash soup with chillies and herbs from last night. Really tasty.

Bread from a nearby bakery, didn't make it myself.

Yet Another Aubergine Dish - - not quite as vividly yellow as in the picture, but it tastes yummy nevertheless. Added some fresh chillies and sundried tomato & olives. bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/artich

I really need to work on my plating but I made aubergine stuffed Bell peppers and they taste amazing (served w/ leftover cauliflower puree which is also yummy)

I've been eating so much aubergine lately but omg it's so tasty! The difference keeps surprising me.

This is aubergine stir-fry ish thing with chillies, peanuts, sesame paste, you know. Assorted things. Tasty.

Finally made something vaguely Italian. Gnocchi, sundried tomatoes and carrots in a cheesy sauce. The sauce turned out really tasty!

Veggie curry (carrots and cauliflower, mainly) from yesterday – look at me eating on somewhere other than in front of my computer!

Aubergine fried in chili and soy sauce. The aubergines here are delicious (or maybe I just got lucky) πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Nothing exciting, but I wanted to post something after having been without decent Internet. Stir-fried noodles with Bell peppers and mushrooms. Gas stoves sure feel different πŸ˜…

I defended my thesis today, obviously couldn't go out to celebrate, so pizza it is.

Forgot to take a picture of the mushroom spinach pasta I had for dinner, but here's the pancake / crepe I made for an evening snack. Filled with whipped cream and raspberry jam (jam made by my mum) 😍

I've been making lots of food this week and forgetting to take pictures but: home-made vegetarian sushi. Very tasty, even if a bit messy.

Butternut squash soup w/ baguettes (my mum made the baguettes, I just made the soup)

Pasta in mushroom - sundried tomato sauce 😊 eating the last of the wild mushrooms I had in the freezer

Today's dinner... I guess the closest thing would be a coconut curry or sorts? Ground tvp, carrots, mango atchar and lots of spices -- read: moving next weekend and have to empty the fridge and kitchen cabinets.

Mango Atchar is probably my favourite food discovery of the last year – I randomly bought some in Cape Town and have somehow managed to find it here as well, it's so good with curries.

Today is pancake day. Your calendar might disagree, but it is.

I went for a short hike with parents and dogs and made wraps for a packed lunch 😁 my mum had made pizza last night and brought that so I felt slightly outdone but these were still tasty too πŸ˜‹

Basic egg fried rice with some veggies for texture for lunch :)

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