i'm making puppy chow later tonight for one of our new year's eve snacks and i'm super excited


puppy chow recipe 

i know this is a standard recipe or whatever, but here is the ratio of ingredients that i use to make THE SUPER ULTRA BEST PUPPY CHOW 🐶

- 1 (12 oz) box chex
- 1 and 1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
- 3/4 to 1 cup peanut butter (usually it's closer to a full cup for me)
- 1/2 cup unsalted butter
- 1 and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
- 4-5 cups powdered sugar (tbh i usually eyeball it, and i like LOADS of powdered sugar on mine)

1) empty the cereal into a large bowl (recently i've been using my biggest stock pot tbh, bc it's non stick and easy to clean)

2) melt the chocolate chips, pb, and butter together in the microwave. 60 seconds, and then 30 second intervals until u can stir it all together

3) mix in the vanilla extract

4) pour the chocolate mixture over the cereal and mix together. try not to overmix, everything should be coated but clumps are good and welcome (they are the best part, think about reaching in to pick up a piece and u find that magical clump....)

5) sometimes i just add the powdered sugar directly to the pot, cover and then shake it like crazy. other times i divide into two gallon bags and split the sugar and do it that way

5.5) sometimes i also like to mix in m&m's

6) EAT

re: puppy chow recipe 

honestly, if you like salty sweet, u probably could use salted butter in this (or add a bit of salt to the chocolate mixture) and it would rule. i usually just only ever have unsalted in the house bc i like to have better control of the salt taste in things

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re: puppy chow recipe 

@shade I was sharing a recipe for puppy chow with a friend earlier when she got confused about what Chex mix was!

And now I think I need to make puppy chow tomorrow with my leftover Chex

re: puppy chow recipe 

@Louisa yesss i endorse this greatly, it's one of my fave snacks!! we make it all the time lmao. and if you have a mix of chex types it's even better imo

how did your chex mix go?? i have never tried making that from scratch before but i've always wanted to try

re: puppy chow recipe 

@shade pretty good! The one I made this time has hot sauce and Old Bay, it's got a good zing to it

I only have corn Chex but I think I'll make one of the white chocolate versions of puppy chow later, I have way too much white chocolate

re: puppy chow recipe 

@Louisa yesss that sounds so good!!

also corn chex puppy chow is amazing, sometimes i also like to use crispex to get the best of both worlds without buying multiple boxes of cereal lol

i can’t believe i’ve never heard of white chocolate for it before tho omfg i bet that’s amazing

puppy chow recipe 

@shade I bet some kosher or sea salt would go well in there too

re: puppy chow recipe 

@IsabelleHellraiser definitely!! i have never made it with salt but that occurred to me earlier it would cut the sweetness and add nice balance. but i was in the mood for something like teeth achingly sweet this time round haha. gonna have to do some experimenting next time tho!

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