thanks to skelly for making such a fun place!!! to follow my baking adventures (making cake pops this weekend hopefully! at least that was the plan before i burnt myself yesterday lol) u can follow my main over at @shade 🖤

it says they will make 6 but we got 10 out of it, not sure if we made them too thin (they are like an inch thick) but whatever more biscuits!

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damn those biscuits were ridiculously easy to prepare even with a five year old helping lol. this mlp cookbook rules

question continued, meat 

like they will bake the same time as the pork chops, but i will have to sear those before i pop them in the oven, and i was gonna bake the biscuits at the same time. just trying to make them soon and then get started on the rest of the stuff. also ftr it’s pretty chilly in the house rn so maybe that’s ok?

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so i’m making biscuits tonight which i’ve only done once or twice.... after i cut them can i leave them out for a bit while i work on the rest of dinner (for like 10-15 mins) or will this just be total chaos

cookie posting 

made chocolate chip sprinkle cookies with astrid earlier, they are from her new mlp baking cookbook that i got her for christmas!! she did most of the mixing and stuff, it was a lot of fun.

the recipe used melted butter and maple syrup, so they are very different from just about every chocolate chip recipe i usually make. i haven’t tasted them yet but trent and astrid say they are pretty good!

oh they were also HUGE per the instructions, and by huge i mean closer to the size i always make my cookies not a piddly tablespoon size ball lol

re: puppy chow recipe 

honestly, if you like salty sweet, u probably could use salted butter in this (or add a bit of salt to the chocolate mixture) and it would rule. i usually just only ever have unsalted in the house bc i like to have better control of the salt taste in things

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puppy chow recipe 

i know this is a standard recipe or whatever, but here is the ratio of ingredients that i use to make THE SUPER ULTRA BEST PUPPY CHOW 🐶

- 1 (12 oz) box chex
- 1 and 1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
- 3/4 to 1 cup peanut butter (usually it's closer to a full cup for me)
- 1/2 cup unsalted butter
- 1 and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
- 4-5 cups powdered sugar (tbh i usually eyeball it, and i like LOADS of powdered sugar on mine)

1) empty the cereal into a large bowl (recently i've been using my biggest stock pot tbh, bc it's non stick and easy to clean)

2) melt the chocolate chips, pb, and butter together in the microwave. 60 seconds, and then 30 second intervals until u can stir it all together

3) mix in the vanilla extract

4) pour the chocolate mixture over the cereal and mix together. try not to overmix, everything should be coated but clumps are good and welcome (they are the best part, think about reaching in to pick up a piece and u find that magical clump....)

5) sometimes i just add the powdered sugar directly to the pot, cover and then shake it like crazy. other times i divide into two gallon bags and split the sugar and do it that way

5.5) sometimes i also like to mix in m&m's

6) EAT

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i'm making puppy chow later tonight for one of our new year's eve snacks and i'm super excited

recipe request, non-vegan 

hey so i've got some frozen chicken pieces (1 breast, 1 thigh, and 1 drumstick) i was gonna throw in the crock pot tomorrow and serve with some rice.

does anyone have any favorite recipes for this? otherwise i'm just gonna make something up lol

today we are making a recipe from the mlp baking cookbook i got astrid for christmas and she picked.... chocolate chip cookies lmao

tho they have sprinkles in them as well so they are very cute. and they also have maple syrup??? definitely not something i’ve put in a chocolate chip cookie before, so i can’t even imagine what it will taste like. should be interesting !

re: yule log thread FIN 

and here it is, the final result of two days worth of work!! i’m pretty proud of myself tbh

happy birthday to my darling!!!

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haven’t even served the yule log yet and i’m already trying to decide what my next rolled cake will be lol

maybe i’ll make one for the new year

astrid did most of this, i did the two small cookies and wielded the icing lol

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now in this yule log interlude, it’s time to decorate the gingerbread house with astrid 😊

re: yule log thread 

note to self: wiping chocolate off a textured cutting board with a bit of paper towel is a fools errand

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re: yule log thread 

not pictured: the other side of the cutting board where i made a huge mess of ganache on accident when it plopped off the spatula (tho u can see where i made a small mess on this side LOL oops)

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re: yule log thread 

the cake has been ganached!!! gonna let it set a bit in the fridge and then add the holly berries and leaves

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