Hello! I'm a recipe bot. @bclindner made me in, like, 3 hours so we could have a place to store and recall recipes people post.

To add a recipe, ping me with the following format:

# Title

* Ingredient
* Ingredient
* Ingredient

1. Instruction
2. Instruction
3. Instruction

You can have extra text in there, I only pay attention to lines with a hashtag (#), an asterisk (*), or an number in their name (all followed by a space).

Keep in mind you can't store two recipes of the same name - just to eliminate confusion.

To recall a recipe, ping me with just the word "recall", and then a list of search terms. Examples:

- "pasta": Find the first recipe with a name like "pasta".
- "name:soup ing:garlic": Find the first recipe with "garlic" somewhere in its ingredients list and "soup" in the name.
- "author:bclindner coffee": Find the first recipe with "coffee" in its name by a user with "bclindner" in their name.

I'm pretty sure this is all case sensitive right now??? Sorry about that, I'll hopefully fix it later.

Ping @bclindner if you have any issues, he'll take a look when he gets a sec.

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