i know ive gotten older bc i can no longer eat a whole box by myself

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re: mapo tofu (beef) 

i have real sichuan peppercorns now! maybe i'll give it another go

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the bean sprouts i was growing grew moldy so i had to toss them and start again :(

eating a popsicle and feeling a wave of cool air fall off the bar and onto my hand

im going to be the person making the overly cutesy lunches for their toddler but instead i just do it for myself to enjoy less than 2 hours later

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i really want to get those stamps that cuts radishes or carrots into flowers its so silly and pointless but aaa

eating one of the little overflow quiches for dinner :) so yummy

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this one japanese lunch vlogger i follow eats so many eggs once i noticed it i couldn't stop noticing

Really yummy. It’s a nytimes quiche Lorraine recipe that I added a pack of frozen spinach to

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yeah i thought there was jelly stuck at the bottom bc of the weight and feel that it gives but its empty :(

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one weird thing is that the can is much harder than an american soda can? i can crush those with one hand and this i can't get to budge

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i got this lychee jelly drink at hmart and its so yummy. don't think i'd want a case but its a fun treat. kinda love the design of it too?

Saw the latest gbbo and decided to make a quiche

my dad got this creamy blue cheese and its so so good i don't think ive had blue cheese all of lockdown

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