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Well, it's Noah! I'm a small account, and if you know me at all, it's for two things: pictures of Clark and food threads that border, perhaps, on the overlong.

I work with almost any kind of food—Puerto Rican/Cuban, Tex-Mex, Korean, Indian, and vaguely Southeast Asian—but I'm usually at my best when making big batch stuff like casseroles, roasts, rice and beans, etc. I like to experiment with weird mixes of flavors, spice mixes, etc.

Lately, I've been getting into making ice cream, syrups, and other kinds of non-bake sweets, since I'm still not great with the slower fire.

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*pulling twice-baked potatoes out of the oven*
Dionysos I call, loud-sounding and divine / fanatic God, a two-fold shape is thine / Thy various names and attributes I sing / O, first-born, thrice begotten, Bacchic king / Immortal dæmon, hear my suppliant voice / give me in blameless plenty to rejoice

(...blatantly stolen from Orphic Hymn 29 trans. Taylor)

referring to twice baked potatoes as “potatoes Dionysus,” as a bit

Cold-smoked steelhead, cream cheese, red onion (soaked to reduce the sulfur—a trick my friend Jean taught me), capers, and fresh dill on a toasted everything bagel.

The existence of fluffy, light, subtly-flavored angel’s food cake is of course typically contrasted with the dark, rich and extremely chocolatey devil’s food cake, which encompasses the theological spectrum of baking.

In another field, that of noodles, the existence of fine angel hair pasta, by analogy, suggests a hypothetical thicker noodle known as “devil hair pasta.” In this essay I will

Fellow mollydookers, portsiders, mains gauches, sinister southpaws:

Happy International Left-Handers Day! 👍🏼

just punched myself in the sternum trying to open a ghee jar

I suffer for my art

I have made pernil my white whale, and I have conquered it.

I turned to carne frita, and I lay waste to it.

Now I have seen how to make porchetta, and I have found myself a new white whale.

This is more about cleaning than cooking, but I have officially begun a campaign on the dirt and ash and whatnot caking my metal bakeware, with baking soda and water as my main weapons.

First battle is the thin aluminum pan my toaster oven came with, and so far it’s exponentially shinier after only the first soak. I think this is going to go well.

The nice thing about having baked goods around—or baked excellents, as I insisted on calling these when superfresh—is that they need ate immediately, but they take a bit to get through, so if you’re like me and usually have some mass-packaged candy in the house (Nerds, Hershey bars, whatever) they let you look forward to those while extending their lifespan. Little self-mind hack I discovered during quarantine.

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Over the weekend, we took the egg whites from ice cream and made proper financiers with almond flour this time (so of course those ruled) and these strawberry drop biscuits from Jerrelle Guy’s NYT Cooking recipe.

They got real brown bottoms real fast, but surprisingly, they were quite good regardless. The icing was perfect on them, and the strawberry dice and added juice made the insides pretty fluffy and sweet in a fruity way.

my new bit is insisting on using the singular of pasta noodles

i.e., “damn, I launched a spaghetto over the counter”

when you have to change your stirring grip because cooking three meals a day has developed a callus on your holding finger <<<<<

garlic discourse on tumblr again and i just wanna say one clove is NEVER enough. dont @ me

You all deserve a better view of the masitas. Look at those crisp striations in the browned meat. You’d think it’d be dry—but it isn’t. You’d think it’d be chewy—but in fact it’s super tender.

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Masitas de puerco—pork shoulder cut into chunks, marinated in garlic and oregano and sazón, and fried in lard and vegetable oil.

Served it with French beans and a frozen thing I found of corn, peas, onions and red peppers in a garlic thyme sauce.

Now that I’m actually off work* for a month or so, this week’s projects:

- another round of cajeta, for the former student who gave me some tepache
- chive/scape pesto, some of which will also go to that kid
- cherry pie filling, which will then be reduced into . . .
- cherry syrup, which will then be ribboned into . . .
- cheesecake ice cream!

* just kidding, I’m never not at work, I’m lesson planning my ass off because we have no clue what next year will look like

Turns out when you have Yukon Golds, you make mashed potatoes.

Turns out when you have mashed potatoes, you can mix them with peas and breadcrumbs and egg and spices and make fritters.

I’ve since made them with garam masala and curry powder and while they still aren’t quite aloo tikki—I didn’t mash the peas or stuff them in there, I just dotted them into the dough—they were also quite good. You just have to remember to provide a healthy helping of cooking fat so they get a crispy crust instead of just burning.

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