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makin a steak and some roasted potats


made another (but different) mango prawn stirfry. this time with sugar snap peas, zucchini, pink onion & wholemeal noodles. the sauce is a mixture of soy, mirin and brown sugar. it was pretty good!

Breakfast wrap (egg) 

Still really dig these omelette wraps: tortilla, two eggs, old cheddar, tomatoes, jalapeno sauce, garlic salt, and black pepper

Really yummy. It’s a nytimes quiche Lorraine recipe that I added a pack of frozen spinach to

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Meat of the beef-y variety 

Variations on a dinner theme, over several weeks.

(It's honestly just a convenient way to hit some specific macronutrient targets within a predictable kitchen prep timeframe, but I'm also trying to put a bit of effort into presentability too.)

made a garlic mushroom rice side dish to go with pan-fried halloumi for lunch and then added a garden salad for “balance”.

the rice is nice, it has a subtle flavour best suited to a side dish. i think i’ll be making this one again.

a shortbread happened 🎉

first time! yes I made this because I saw the Babbish yt video, and yes Millionaire’s Shortbread is next.

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hello this is my !
i'm jamie i'm a student in london. i mostly cooking for myself and my girlfriend. we're both vegetarian. ive been cooking my whole life pretty much and meals are the center of every day, particularly now we're locked down again. i want to see what's cooking online hopefully diversify my cooking a little, and share some of the things i'm proud of!

made some uhhh

deep fried cheese curds

they got snatched up so fast i could barely get a picture of any so here's what i got :)


Sidecar, triple sec, cognac, lemon, and vanilla because there was left over

made a kinda pasta primavera kind of thing with spring onion, garlic and cream cheese.

i really wish i’d had fresh basil on hand because that would have turned a good dinner into a great dinner.


I started with this recipe:

Instead of the shortbread crust in the recipe, I made a Biscoff cookie crust because I had some and that sounded nicer.

The filling uses 1 block of cream cheese and 1 block of silken tofu, since my wife is lactose intolerant and that's easier for her to eat.

To make the ghosts, I put the plain cheesecake mix into a pastry bag and piped big circles into the pumpkin mix that was already spread onto the crust. Then I took a little knife and kind of "painted" the tail shape into the mix. The eyes are chocolate chips turned upside down

Cheesesteak sandwich 

I've never tried making one this way and it turned out great!

I started by sauteing a sliced onion and some sliced mushrooms with a little butter and thyme (I made a whole lot so I can add some to future sandwiches and omelets)

The meat is half a strip steak, salted and seared in one piece in the same pan as the veggies after they were done, and then sliced thin

I toasted the two halves of the bun in the pan after that, to pick up the tasty little bits and drippings, and put a slice of provolone on the top half and broiled it for a minute

I'll make this one again 🧀🥩

had to update my stan list because sohla is awesome

things/people this account is a stan account for:

  • louis camille maillard

  • sohla el-waylly

  • budgetbytes

  • potatoes


Poke bowl with salmon, sea bass, seaweed and other goodies

Braised pork & mashed potatoes 

I made the cider braised pork recipe I shared a little while ago, it's good comfort food

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