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I've been making lots of food this week and forgetting to take pictures but: home-made vegetarian sushi. Very tasty, even if a bit messy.

fennel was 99c at the greengrocer (instead of the usual 3.49c) so i made a simple little pasta dish with it!

fennel, garlic, cream cheese, lemon juice, flaked salmon fillet, parsley, toasted pine nuts and spiral pasta

Hey y'all don't forget that if ever you want any emojos added or anything feel free to ask me, you'd never be bothering me asking for fun stuff like that or anything else



whip up some rice

throw pulled pork into it


🍜 noodle additions for when your spoons🔋are low, meat and non-vegan 

For when I'm making ramen packages and my spoons are low. Granted, I wouldn't do all these at once: usually 1 meat, 1 veg, and maybe a protein addition.

**Meat** 🍖
• leftover meat: dicing stuff can sometimes be more work, but chicken nuggets / strips are good. popcorn chicken can be used directly. i'll cook way too much popcorn chicken, then fridge 2/3 of it to use in noodles later.
• deli meat: ham or chicken sometimes can be bought shredded, but if it isn't i just tear the deli slices into shreds.

**Veggie** 🥦
• frozen broccoli florets: toss some in with the water and it will cook as it boils.
• baby spinach: i love this one cause I can buy a tub of it and toss a handful in with the noodles. it doesn't need to be chopped or anything it'll just wilt down to bite-sized bits.

**Allergy Zone** ⚠️
• 🥜 peanut butter: a teaspoon adds some more protein
• 🍤 frozen cooked shrimp with the tails already removed: can be hard to find, but if you do they can just be boiled with the water like broccoli
• 🥜 sliced almonds: half a handful is enough

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Butternut squash soup w/ baguettes (my mum made the baguettes, I just made the soup)

Steak & sweet potato fries 

I always cut my steaks in half so I can enjoy them twice, here's the other half of yesterday's strip steak with baked sweet potato fries

I used the oil from Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp to coat the potato wedges and then I put the spice mix part of it into some mayo and sour cream to make a dip

I wish my phone could take a picture of dark and light roasted things without making them look burned!

raw meat 

leeeeet's make some pulled pork!!

lettin it go for 24hrs, gonna be goooood

Made it all! homemade hummus, homemade pita and homemade zhug!

Hummus recipe v1

# 2-3 cups of chickpeas, soaked overnight. Check the date
# one squeezed lemon
# few tablespoons of tahini to taste
# 2 bay leaves
# onion, halved
# 2 garlic cloves, halved
# 1-2 teaspoon of cumin
# salt and peper to taste

Serve with:
# extra chickpeas
# paprika
# olive oil


1. Put chickpeas, bay leaves, onion with plenty of water to cover in an instant pot (or pressure cooker) and cook on high for 20 minutes with 15 minutes minimum natural pressure release.
2. Strain out the chickpeas and remove the spices. Save some of the water!
3. In a food processor combine all ingredients, you can use the water from the pressure cooker to get the hummus thinner as needed. Remember tahini could make everything thicker when combined with water.
4. Blend till as smooth as you like it.

Serve with pita and your preferred toppings

If elected, I will work to pass bipartisan legislation requiring general mills to make the monster cereals available year-round

Baked potato topping ideas for future reference 

• bleu cheese, butter, scallions

• crema with adobo paste and garlic

• Sriracha aïoli

• Greek yogurt, pumpkin spice, maple syrup

• sauteed mushrooms, shallots and bacon

• shredded chicken in buffalo sauce with sour cream

• parmesan and crumbled andouille sausage

• brown sugar, butter, cinnamon and heavy cream

• sour cream and hot honey

• yogurt with dried cranberries and candied pecans

Steak & sweet potato 

I should eat way more sweet potatoes than I do, I love them

There are so many good topping ideas, this time it's crumbled bleu cheese with enough soft butter to make a spread, then lots of sliced scallions on top

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