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meat, fish 

meal prep!! kinda!!

little lunches made up for the next few days so i can have something good without effort

tuna salad lunch boxes!

meat (fish) 

note to self: never buy canned tuna in oil

egg salad on sourdough toast for lunch today (and breakfast tomorrow). quick to make and pretty tasty.

personally, i would add 2 more eggs because the herbs are the main thing i could taste and i love egg salad because of the eggs.

Georgian Egg Salad

also, in the comments someone mentions using half coriander and half cilantro, which i don’t get because aren’t they the same thing?

Post bake. It’s been in for about 21 minutes and that’s getting to be too long. Cheese didn’t melt like anticipated but it smells good af.

I might have let the dough rise too long, it was pretty airy when I pressed it out.

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Post top, pre bake.

This is my first time using this brand of vegan mozz.

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plant-based chicken nuggets 

I'm pleasantly surprised to announce that Nuggs are a remarkable product that reproduces the chicken nugget experience perfectly!

Cooked for 10 minutes in an air fryer, these plant-based nuggets had the lightly crunchy outside and spongy inside of a real chicken nugget, and the taste is (so far as I could tell) indistinguishable. Real chicken nuggets tend to be a little bit juicier than these Nuggs, but the flavor and texture more than makes up for it! I'm gonna try cooking it for a slightly shorter time next time because they were a little bit crispier than I think they should have been.

I really hope these catch on and that more plant-based stuff gets popular!

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aaaand done and it was good (no pics sorry)

artichoke chicken and rice

was nice, and now i have enough for three more dinners

gonna make more stuff tomorrow

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plant-based chicken nuggets 

These little dudes just arrived in the mail today. If we end up trying them tonight, I'll give an update!

Have been bad at posting updates this week, but I just made some aubergine koftas (following this ) - - I'd tried the recipe before, it was tasty, and I wanted to try it again before the aubergines got too expensive.

You're supposed to serve it with naan but I had none and couldn't justify going to the store just for that, so random potato side it is. The tomato spinach sauce is hiding under everything else, but it's there 😂

ramen talk 

Well, I guess I cooked the eggs for a few too many seconds because the yolks aren't quite as soft as I wanted, but at least they're still tasty! I also thin sliced some baby carrots to add /something/ else to the ramen, but it's not really that good an addition 😅

It's not particularly photogenic, but this soup broth is amazing, and I'm a happy camper.

(Also, the picture is a lie—I didn't have the patience to eat with chop sticks)

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screenshot, block recc 

Imagine defending eugenics and thinking you have the moral high ground

Might as well #fediblock his instance, since it seems to be a single user Pleroma instance

Also, I've seen this guy before and I have him labeled as "dickhead" in my mind, but I don't remember why

groceries: check

actually cooking: not check

was way too exhausted after quite a lot of running around doing grocery shopping with the roommate esp since it was pouring rain the whole time (and forgot my grocery bags when going to aldi,,,,,)

invisible alcohol, sugar 

Fake whiskey fudge. This recipe is simple and effective and its tons of alcohol.

120gr chocolate - best dark
450gr powdered sugar
130ml reasonable whiskey

1. Melt the chocolate
2. Place the powered sugar in a large bowl
3. Pour the whiskey on to the sugar and mix together well and fast
4. Add in the melted chocolate and mix, the fudge texture should come in quickly
5. Move in to a tray with baking paper
6. Cool in the fridge and cut in to squares after fudge hardes

* You can use two kinds of chocolate, attaching hebrew recipe with that effect
* I used Cognac/Brandy which also works
* you can add nuts and other stuff in to it

My eggplants in the garden have been very productive. They're SO GOOD and need minimal seasoning--these are just cut in half the long way and seared in a hot, dry pan for a few minutes on each side. I then brushed the cut side with a little soy sauce, and that's it. Eating with homemade pork dumplings and home-grown cucumber kimchi

Pork ramen 

All the planets aligned for my ingredients on hand so I made ramen 🍜

Soup: the chicken stock I made yesterday with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce added

Noodles: Wegman's sells ramen noodles without flavor packets in bundles of 3 servings to a bag, I had one left

Pork: I cut a slice from the maple glazed pork loin I made Sunday, and the maple glaze helped it brown when I put it in a very hot skillet, only 20 seconds per side (it warmed up in the soup, I didn't want to overcook it since it was already roasted)

Egg: as I was starting to prep the other stuff I boiled the egg for 7 minutes, so it would be soft but set— then I rinsed it in cold water, peeled it and put it in a shot glass with soy sauce while everything else was cooking

Garnishes: I sliced up one scallion; the pickled ginger and black sesame seeds were both from jars

ok im gonna seriously make an effort to meal plan

i really need to get back into cooking, it really helps my mood and i've been feeling crappy lately

plus being able to make a list of everything i'm going to make and need for the next few weeks is going to be really nice

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