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what are some good ramen recipes beyond the basic advice of "it's jazz, freestyle it"? thinking of adding ramen to my rotation since my current budget meal is getting a little old and was wondering what i could add to make the ramen pop

things/people this account is a stan account for:

  • louis camille maillard

  • budgetbytes

  • potatoes

one reason i miss going into the office: meal prepping all my lunches for the week on sunday

Mushroom Ketchup 

Hell yeah! Time to get nuts

I've been wanting to try making mushroom ketchup again, I thought about working directly from some old recipes, but they're quite vague

I decided to work from a modern interpretation of an old recipe instead, it's all going well so far (the link has the written recipe, pictures, and a video with the video transcript)

Changes: My box of mushrooms is 1.5lbs rather than 2, so I'm adding some reconstituted porcinis for flavor and liquid volume; and I don't have fresh grated horseradish, so I'm going to use fresh grated garlic instead (the nice thing about old recipes is substitutions can vary wildly, depending on what you have— here garlic and horseradish would both work as intense flavor additions)

Tomorrow I'll see how well it comes out!

meat, recipe 

gonna make this tonight,

this will literally be the first time i've ever cooked with mushrooms lmao


I might try using my dutch oven for making bread next time

advice is appreciated if you're so inclined to give any but I probably won't chat about it much for a bit because I'm not feeling the best

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I don't think they got as big as I was hoping

oh well hm

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meat (chicken) 

i finally got around to repackaging that chicken into smaller packages for easier use later

i got the chicken for $0.99/lb, and turns out there's 20 thighs

20 thighs for $10,,,,,,

hell yeah

if i had the ability to scan this entire book in high quality i would 100% rip the entirety of The Food Lab and share it here because holy shit it's a good book


had steak and some rice for dinner

was good

food, alc 

Whoops forgot to post fajita night with homemade guac and pineapple margs!

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