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instance financials transparency (May 2020) 

hey all, i figured i'd try to do this where i let y'all know how much it costs to run the place, for the benefit of those who help out with running the instance (and thank you so much to those who do!)

Unfortunately my liberapay isn't really set up to be "just for toomanycooks" and there's a few donations i've received for other projects, so pinning down exactly how much is being given for TMC will be difficult.

But here's a breakdown of what it cost me last month (which is less than what it will be going forward, because of the fact that I started the instance late last month)

  • Hosting (app server): $4.69 (nice)
  • Hosting (db server): $2.34
  • Daily DB server backups service: $0.22
  • Domain purchase: $5.98
  • Total: $13.23

So yeah, the servers are currently pretty small, but I think it's working fine for an instance of this size for now.


made a drink with the rhubarb syrup, 1.5oz syrup, 2oz gin, top with soda water in a pint glass full of ice


making the rhubarb syrup that @gnomon shared the recipe for!

bought about half as much rhubarb as I need because I forgot to check the post for the quantity of it so oh well it'll be a half batch

I forgot to save some pasta water

babish have mercy on my soul

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gonna just make some frozen ravioli and a simple garlic olive oil sauce tonight

Ice cream— finished! 

These are a couple of scoops from the top of the container so they're not the prettiest, but they're just what I was hoping for flavorwise

The strong coffee ice cream almost has a savoriness to it, the perfect match for some sweet vanilla caramel

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might make a late night shopping trip just because why not

breakfast sandwich 

I can't remember what food blog I saw it on, but someone talked about making a bodega sandwich by cooking the egg into a very thin omelet and then folding it envelope-style around a slice of cheese, it's really good

and here you go: potato and cheese pierogi with green chile and a side of veggie bacon!

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breakfast sandwich (eggs, cheese, meat) 

Made another omelette with creminis and diced leftover meatballs and stacked it with cheese and queso sauce on a bagel

Beefy beeferson 

Sunday's my favorite day to cook and today I'm going to try cooking a Sirloin pot roast on charcoal. I'm kindof winging it so we'll see how things go 🙂

Here's the rub recipe, The only difference is that I substituted Chipotle chili powder for ancho chili powder, and it looks and smells *amazing*.


furiously adds rhubarb to their shopping list before they forget it again

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