I guess, in the end, it really was just
*looks at camera*
too many cooks

*zoom in, extreme close up*
...dot social

instance admin announcement - tl;dr: Instance Closing on February 14, 2021 

@ashfurrow thank you ash!! that means a lot to me ❤️

re: instance admin announcement - tl;dr: Instance Closing on February 14, 2021 

@shade thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it ❤️

instance admin announcement - tl;dr: Instance Closing on February 14, 2021 

Hey all

tl;dr - Too Many Cooks will be closing down on February 14, 2021. Everything will be deleted, so export things you care about before then. Masto has export tools in the settings to request a full archive of your account's content.

There's a few reasons for this, and things I probably should've done differently from the start (both from an instance organization standpoint and a technical standpoint), but there's nothing I can really do about that now.

I also, frankly, can't quite handle having an instance to administer on top of everything else going on, from a mental health standpoint. I also don't feel comfortable passing administration onto someone else, since I know I would still feel a responsibility for the instance, and doing so would not be trivial from an administration standpoint and I worry that trying to do that would put the instance in an irreversably broken state anyway.

So the instance will be closing down in one month, on February 14, 2021.

On that day, the instance's servers will be permanently deleted, so all of your data will be irreversably gone.

Thank you all for the fun times and amazing food posts. Thank you to the glitch-soc devs for adding the "automatic CW when posts federate out" feature, which I didn't even formally request, but they saw that I was interested in such a thing and added it.

Thanks again, y'all. This was such a fun place to hang out and I'd rather shutter it early than have something bad happen that I'm not equipped to handle, and have to shut down for those reasons.

I hope you'll understand.

Love y'all.

question continued, meat 

like they will bake the same time as the pork chops, but i will have to sear those before i pop them in the oven, and i was gonna bake the biscuits at the same time. just trying to make them soon and then get started on the rest of the stuff. also ftr it’s pretty chilly in the house rn so maybe that’s ok?

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so i’m making biscuits tonight which i’ve only done once or twice.... after i cut them can i leave them out for a bit while i work on the rest of dinner (for like 10-15 mins) or will this just be total chaos

Just so y'all know I've been doing my best to keep on top of all the instances I'm seeing pop up because of the nazi migration from twitter; I just got done adding a bunch to the blocklist. But if you get word of any and wish to pass them my way, always feel free.

Also, just to put this out there, if ever I plan on closing down the instance for good, I will give plenty of notice, most likely at least 1 month of notice. I am committed to ensuring that you'll all have plenty of time to get things off of here. I don't want to pull the rug out from under anyone in that way.

Hey all. Little announcement, nothing major. Too Many Cooks is now invite-only for signups, and users can't currently generate invite links. I feel like this place has definitely attracted the crowd I'm comfortable with hosting an instance for, and I'd prefer it not extend to too many folks I don't personally know.

I hope you'll all understand, thanks.

@Louisa yeah sure, sorry it caused such an issue for ya, i didnt anticipate that


Sometimes I like cooking. ^^

when I cook, I frequently cook vegan, since my spouse is vegan.
I often cook grain-free, b/c I’m allergic to most grains.
I’m most likely to cook Ethiopian style and Indian style food, though I still bake with wheat for others sometimes.

I’m a fan of red wine & port wine. I also periodically make fruit wines, or honey wines (mead).

woo! go cooks!

other account: @ischade

cookie posting 

made chocolate chip sprinkle cookies with astrid earlier, they are from her new mlp baking cookbook that i got her for christmas!! she did most of the mixing and stuff, it was a lot of fun.

the recipe used melted butter and maple syrup, so they are very different from just about every chocolate chip recipe i usually make. i haven’t tasted them yet but trent and astrid say they are pretty good!

oh they were also HUGE per the instructions, and by huge i mean closer to the size i always make my cookies not a piddly tablespoon size ball lol

420 munchies, absolutely illegal food, do not open 

Banana nut cheerios

and now it's all into the instant pot to cook

Honestly this is basically the only thing I use the ip for anymore lmao

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