j Kenji Lopez alt uses ill-fitting lids on his pans

I feel so validated rn

instance meta+ 

Hey I just want to say thank y'all for being very good.

I've not had to worry about anything so far while adminning this place with how great y'all have been.

I just wanted to say I really appreciate it ❤️

Lime posset 

I made a very old (centuries old) fashioned dessert, posset

It can be made with eggs or breadcrumbs as a thickener, but this one is just the acid reacting with the dairy to make a custard

I watched some @lnpgaceta virtual baseball while I made it and it was great ⚾️

Breakfast wrap (sausage, eggs) 

Cheddar sausages, scrambled eggs, potatoes, corn, and more cheese, in a spinach wrap

Over the weekend, we took the egg whites from ice cream and made proper financiers with almond flour this time (so of course those ruled) and these strawberry drop biscuits from Jerrelle Guy’s NYT Cooking recipe.

They got real brown bottoms real fast, but surprisingly, they were quite good regardless. The icing was perfect on them, and the strawberry dice and added juice made the insides pretty fluffy and sweet in a fruity way.

Grilled cheese 

A real classic

I usually make it with frico (a grated hard cheese with a lot of flavor like parmesan, laminated to the outside of the bread during cooking) but I'm all out, so this is just cheddar on white bread grilled in a little butter

re: hot food take 

@Pawdraig I'm just more worried about making something too salty lol

hot food take 

seasoned salt stuff is literally fucking useless if you're not controlling spice and salt separately it's so fucking hard to get anything to work out properly

might make some fritter things outta this leftover mashed potato i have

leftovers from yesterday: roasted vegetarian sausage, pierogi, onion and bell pepper with jalapeño sauce

re: instance financials transparency (June 2020) 

@gnomon of course! that's a big reason behind publishing this info

instance financials transparency (June 2020) 

Given that I did the May one kinda late in June, time for another one already roflmao.

  • Hosting (app server): $20.32
  • Hosting (db server): $5.00
  • Daily db server backups: $1

Total: $26.32

Obviously, since the instance actually ran the whole month of June, the amounts are higher. This is approximately what it'll cost to run from this point forward until I need to upgrade anything.

people don't talk NEARLY enough about how easy it is to mod microwaveable popcorn, so here's a couple quick little recipes to make your popcorn pop:

* microwave a bag of popcorn like normal, then pour into large bowl
* microwave 2tbsp butter in a bowl until melted (usually takes a minute but you have to do it in multiple spurts or else it may explode)
* pour butter over popcorn, then pour in sugar to taste

* The same as the prior recipe, but instead of sugar pour on crushed red pepper and garlic powder

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