raw meat 

leeeeet's make some pulled pork!!

lettin it go for 24hrs, gonna be goooood

meat, fish 

meal prep!! kinda!!

little lunches made up for the next few days so i can have something good without effort

tuna salad lunch boxes!



ok I made this instead

spaghetti with steak and sauteed mushrooms and just sauce from a can lol

still gonna be good as shit


pork roast out of the sous vide and covered with more spice rub before finishing in the oven!

so today i had to buy a new heckin sous vide cooker

my joule decided it didn't like connecting to my phone anymore, which is of course necessary because it's 2020 and you have to log in to a server in order to use a stick that heats and circulates water

anyway i have this now and im making pulled pork


ez leftovers use

leftover steak, fried egg on some rice

late lunch today is one of my favorite ways to use up leftover pulled pork: mix it in with rice, put a fried egg on top!

with plenty of furikake seasoning on it

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