re: meat, mad 

turns out the instant pot slow cooker mode sucks absolute ass and i want to throw this thing into the motherfucking dumpster now

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re: meat, mad 

@mdszy aw jeez, I'm super sorry to hear that. ):

re: meat, mad 

@mdszy Oof, that's extremely sad to hear! I'm so sorry it ruined that beautiful piece of meat for you! 😖

Though it does make me wonder if you could cook a pot roast similarly using the pressure cook mode... I've had some eerie luck with converting slow cooker recipes to pressure cooker ones in the past!

@mdszy Not a skilled cook here, but is this the thing where you cook the meat until it gets super soft, then you let it dry a bit afterwards so you can basically tear chunks of it off?

@brunoph yeah but without the letting it dry bit, im not familiar with that

this recipe involves preparing a bunch of vegetables and browning the roast, then throwing it all into a slow cooker for like 8 hours and then yeah, i'll shred up the meat because it'll become incredibly tender

and then there's a little bit of preparation afterwards with the cooking juices and such to finalize the gravy

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