i think i just straight up cant stand the taste of tonic water

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@mdszy not sure how "nasty medicine that tastes bad so we drink it with booze* became a thing people drink on purpose

alc, colonialism 

@cuttlefish @mdszy I am too lazy to look up how true this is but I remember hearing that Gin and Tonic was introduced to British soldiers in India as a way to get them to take quinine to prevent malaria

re: alc, colonialism 

@itsthemanonthemoon @cuttlefish yeah that's exactly why it was created

@mdszy years and years ago Polar made an “Orange Bitter” soda that was basically orange soda with a little bit of quinine added and I actually really liked it, the citrus flavor offset the edge of the quinine better than just sugar in plain tonic water does. But it’s definitely a “I am deliberately going to consume this weird flavor now” kind of ingredient

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