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things/people this account is a stan account for:

  • louis camille maillard

  • budgetbytes

  • potatoes

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hey might as well make one of these


im mark

i run this place! somehow! im doing my best!

im also @mdszy and also furry trash at @wolfpede

i love cooking a whole bunch

dietary preferences involve being omnivorous and loving to try new stuff

im allergic to walnuts, maybe bananas? and also cilantro tastes like soap and its bad

most of my cooking habits involve cooking a whole bunch of food to eat over the course of a week and stuff

i also like making cocktails!

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hi if you make follow bots feel free to message me and as the admin of this instance i will personally ensure that you, your bots, and probably your entire instance domain are irrevocably suspended

veggie sausage biscuits with cheese!!! cut the biscuits on the small side but it's still damn tasty :)

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and dessert: biscuits with cherry jam a friend made and mailed to me :)

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not using boneless chops so there's only 3 in here and gonna have to do the one separately

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contains meat 

Fried up some frozen peppers and onion, tossed in some stewing beef, some spices, added a bit of water and plopped some frozen udon in. Got it covered now to keep the steam in, waiting on the noodles to thaw and absorb some of the juices :D

it is so incredibly satisfying to see a recipe based on an ingredient i want to use and be able to go "perfect! I have all the other ingredients too!!"


Tonight's Oscars & Cocktails was Around the World in 80 Days (1956), with Captain's Blood both before and after intermission!


  • 2oz golden or dark rum (we used Appleton Signature)
  • 1oz fresh lime juice
  • 0.75oz falernum syrup (aim for something with a nice spicy character like the BG Reynolds stuff, or make your own; you want a flavour contribution more than just citrus and almond)
  • if your falernum is light on sweetness, maybe toss in 0.5oz of gum syrup while you're at it
  • 2 generous dashes Angostura bitters (again, you're after the spicy notes here, so try to avoid substituting in other bitters unless they also hit that note)

Fill a cocktail shaker with large chunks of ice, shake very hard for 30-45 full seconds to generate a good amount of pebbled ice, and gate pour (no strainer) into a chilled rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel, and maybe a couple of dots of bitters from an eye dropper if you're feeling fancy.

This is basically a spicier daiquiri. Super refreshing, very drinkable, and it can be balanced really well.

and it's done!! i think it turned out pretty well. probably could've done without the salsa though, as combining target frozen veggie pack with restaurant-brand salsa gives a meal lethal levels of Suburban White Person Flavor, but other than that it's really nice :)

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made a steak and steak fries

steak did up sous vide, 129F for an hour and then seared

did the fries in the air fryer. oil, salt, pepper, paprika. 400F for 20 mins, giving them a good jostle halfway through

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