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things/people this account is a stan account for:

  • louis camille maillard

  • sohla el-waylly

  • budgetbytes

  • potatoes

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hey might as well make one of these


im mark

i run this place! somehow! im doing my best!

im also @mdszy and also furry trash at @wolfpede

i love cooking a whole bunch

dietary preferences involve being omnivorous and loving to try new stuff

im allergic to walnuts, maybe bananas? and also cilantro tastes like soap and its bad

most of my cooking habits involve cooking a whole bunch of food to eat over the course of a week and stuff

i also like making cocktails!

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hi if you make follow bots feel free to message me and as the admin of this instance i will personally ensure that you, your bots, and probably your entire instance domain are irrevocably suspended

meat (chicken) 

chicken and rice with some teriyaki sauce


made teriyaki salmon for dinner last night with sushi rice with toasted sesame seeds and pickled sliced radish mixed through, and steamed zucchini and snow peas.

i think i need to stick with that other recipe, the oven one, when making teriyaki salmon. that has a good amount of teriyaki sauce with it.

the sushi rice was pretty great though. tonight i’m having satay chicken dumplings with leftover rice and veg.

my recipe is small and makes only 6 rolls (for 2)

tangzhong style involves cooking some of the flour over low heat for a few minutes, until it becomes a thick paste, like a bad gravy. the pre-cooked flour absorbs more moisture from the rest of the dough.

- 1/3 cup milk
- 1/3 cup water
- 1/4 cup flour

you can bloom your yeast while this is cooking, if you like making sure your yeast is good.

- 1 tsp dry yeast
- 1/3 cup warm milk

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attempted "tangzhong" style dinner rolls and in fact they were quite fluffier than usual!

one roll pictured here, with mushroom-pork stroganoff

Bringing back a blast from the past, bruléed oatmeal with freshly microplaned nutmeg and tonka bean!

Also a medium soft boiled egg with hummus on a rice cake, just so there's some part of this breakfast that actually needs a good chew.


It's sauteed oyster and portabella mushrooms, with shallot, thyme and a little white wine vinegar

I love mushrooms 🍄🧅🌿

Pork and fish ball soup. They all float up when I depressurize . Smell is amazing


Camarones al ajillo con tostones, getting inspired by my freezer tonight with frozen ready-for-frying tostones and raw frozen shrimp

an extremely tasty lunch i made yesterday- peach & radish salsa on toasted light rye sourdough with goat cheese. it tasted just as good as i’d hoped it would.

Peach & Radish Salsa:
2 small peaches, diced
1 med radish, diced
1/2 tbsp chopped coriander
1 tsp lime juice

1. combine peach and radish first to check the ratio is right.
2. add coriander and lime juice a stir to combine.
3. taste and adjust seasonings as needed.

Follow up! I made that Millionaire’s Shortbread and it was delicious 😋

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vegetarian egg scramble 

I just made this delightful mess using a small gold potato, some canned corn, some leftover pico de gallo, the first yellow bell pepper I successfully grew, some soyrizo, and 3 eggs fried up in some olive oil with a little bit of salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder!

If I was more careful and cared enough, I could have made nice, fluffy scrambled eggs by just letting the eggs sit longer as they cooked instead of stirring and tossing like a madman, but I'm just hungry so it doesn't matter to me! Likewise, this could be 2 servings but I haven't eaten breakfast *or* lunch yet, so it's all mine!!!

re: meat, mad 

turns out the instant pot slow cooker mode sucks absolute ass and i want to throw this thing into the motherfucking dumpster now

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