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things/people this account is a stan account for:

  • louis camille maillard

  • budgetbytes

  • potatoes

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hey might as well make one of these


im mark

i run this place! somehow! im doing my best!

im also @mdszy and also furry trash at @wolfpede

i love cooking a whole bunch

dietary preferences involve being omnivorous and loving to try new stuff

im allergic to walnuts, maybe bananas? and also cilantro tastes like soap and its bad

most of my cooking habits involve cooking a whole bunch of food to eat over the course of a week and stuff

i also like making cocktails!

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hi if you make follow bots feel free to message me and as the admin of this instance i will personally ensure that you, your bots, and probably your entire instance domain are irrevocably suspended

meat (beef) 

I made beef liver and onions last night!!!

turned out quite good.

I could've used more seasoning in the flour dredge for the liver

soaking the liver in milk works wonders

Caramel apple hand pies 

Just some easy baking tonight, frozen sheets of puff pastry are a miracle

I made the caramel first while the dough was defrosting

Could post/share recipes, methods, etc. ?

If you think this sounds cool and you're a member here - please let me know. (It'd only be editable by folks who use this instance)

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Ya know. I just had an idea.

What if had a wiki?

after a week of sandwiches and soup i was glad to make some new meals today.

first i made pea and halloumi fritters for lunch. they were pretty quick to make and nice. tomorrow i might have an egg with 2 and call it brunch.

Curry Udon 

What's that? There's leftover Japanese curry and a stray package of udon noodles in the fridge? Well that can only mean one thing!

It's Curry Udon time!

Short ribs & mashed potatoes 

Oops forgot to follow up, and this was all in an InstantPot btw

It's a good meal— the potatoes came out soft enough to mash but they taste strangely... concentrated? I guess because they were cooked without water. The only ones I've had before that tasted this way were potatoes cooked in a slow cooker

Savory but not salty, in a way that feels almost too strong

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it is ugly looking but it's good, you'll just have to take my word for both of those

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I'm already planning on making eggnog macarons once the Festive Season gets here: nutmeg in the macaron shell, filled with a French buttercream (which is made with egg yolks) flavored with a little bourbon

I did strawberry lemonade macarons earlier this summer so between that, upcoming pumpkin spice macs, and eggnog macs I've got like 3/4 of the Delicious Seasonal Mac bases covered

What would be a quintessential "spring" macaron flavor? Mint? Something floral?

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Concept: pumpkin spice macarons

Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg in the macaron shell, with a little pumpkin + cream cheese filling

Have to get cream cheese and a can of pumpkin next time I go to the store

I defended my thesis today, obviously couldn't go out to celebrate, so pizza it is.

Forgot to take a picture of the mushroom spinach pasta I had for dinner, but here's the pancake / crepe I made for an evening snack. Filled with whipped cream and raspberry jam (jam made by my mum) 😍

a thing that you should never, ever do is take a loaf of greenlee's schedule-1 cinnamon bread, soak each slice in a mixture of egg, ice cream, and rum, and fry it up like french toast

So, my method for this dish was to cook the rice in the instant pot using the rice programme before adding anything else.

I then stirred a teaspoonful of into some hot water and added that along with some quorn pieces and frozen peas before putting on the saute/brown programme and stirring everything up.

After a about 6 or 7 mins everything seemed warmed through and ready to eat and I served it up with a handful of salad leaves with lime juice and mayo

simple but tasty!

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Cold-smoked steelhead, cream cheese, red onion (soaked to reduce the sulfur—a trick my friend Jean taught me), capers, and fresh dill on a toasted everything bagel.

Baked sweet potato with sausage 

A cut-up leftover bratwurst, some of its onion sauce, and a sprinkle of parmesan makes a great topping for a baked sweet potato

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