food trashpost 

doing this new "cereal onto the milk" thing all the perverts are into

a shame i did myself dirty and accidentally bought decaffeinated earl gray

Food, meat 

Been forever since i made good dogs. Got homefries, diced pickle, and fresh green onion on these with Dark Bunny Stunning Scorpion sauce and spread cheese

Breakfast tacos (egg, sausage) 

Eggs, sausage, parmesan, kale, and celery leaves

i put some strawberry milk in my earl gray and, actually, this slaps ❤️

got my new pour-over coffee maker just in time for eggnog to return to the stores, meaning i can craft my favorite beverage: liquid coffee cake

Made a pretty tasty bread and cheese soup using a bunch of leftover bread from the freezer, some cheddar, and some parmesan. It doesn't exactly *look* amazing but it tastes pretty hearty.

Breakfast wrap (egg) 

Still really dig these omelette wraps: tortilla, two eggs, old cheddar, tomatoes, jalapeno sauce, garlic salt, and black pepper

excuse me "bottled snapple" are you for real, that sounds like a shitpost noun that *I* would come up with

made a teriyaki wrap and put dried pineapple in it and damn it was really good, never thought to try that before but i really enjoyed it

ran out of cheese for my breakfast sandwich today so instead made a jalapeno parmesan sauce and wow it was phenomenal ✨

Look there's only two meat thermometers in this polycule- i know exactly who is making dinner

food, maybe a food crime 

did you know you can put fritos in your chicken noodle soup

🍜 noodle additions for when your spoons🔋are low, meat and non-vegan 

For when I'm making ramen packages and my spoons are low. Granted, I wouldn't do all these at once: usually 1 meat, 1 veg, and maybe a protein addition.

**Meat** 🍖
• leftover meat: dicing stuff can sometimes be more work, but chicken nuggets / strips are good. popcorn chicken can be used directly. i'll cook way too much popcorn chicken, then fridge 2/3 of it to use in noodles later.
• deli meat: ham or chicken sometimes can be bought shredded, but if it isn't i just tear the deli slices into shreds.

**Veggie** 🥦
• frozen broccoli florets: toss some in with the water and it will cook as it boils.
• baby spinach: i love this one cause I can buy a tub of it and toss a handful in with the noodles. it doesn't need to be chopped or anything it'll just wilt down to bite-sized bits.

**Allergy Zone** ⚠️
• 🥜 peanut butter: a teaspoon adds some more protein
• 🍤 frozen cooked shrimp with the tails already removed: can be hard to find, but if you do they can just be boiled with the water like broccoli
• 🥜 sliced almonds: half a handful is enough

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Had a great lunch out with my fiancée hitting up a café for coffee and then a diner for some wholesome burgers and dogs. Chicago style hotdogs are pretty rad, glad i finally got one.

If anything good comes out of this year i hope its that patios continue to flourish. Loving the vibes of sitting in the sun and enjoying a coffee or a milkshake.

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