Had a great lunch out with my fiancée hitting up a café for coffee and then a diner for some wholesome burgers and dogs. Chicago style hotdogs are pretty rad, glad i finally got one.

If anything good comes out of this year i hope its that patios continue to flourish. Loving the vibes of sitting in the sun and enjoying a coffee or a milkshake.

Losing my shit over discovering that Corn Pops and Corn Pops! are different cereal

teaching my gf the simple pleasures of candied pecans with cream cheese on crackers

Breakfast sandwich with meat 

Cream cheese, fried egg, cheddar cheese, sliced turkey, bacon, and quacamole on an everything bagel.

rice bowl with meat 

Bacon & veggie rice, fritos, chilli scrambled eggs, and cheddar + mozzarella cheese blend

the best thing about scalloped potatoes is that even if i do undercook them a few hours in the fridge will solve that

Breakfast sandwich with meat 

Omelette with green onions and leftover meatballs, cheddar, and gouda, between two pancakes

my gf saying "i love you" before i stuff a gigantic sandwich in my mouth

Quesadilla w/ meat (chicken, egg) 

Chicken and egg quesadilla with cheddar, gouda, and english cucumber

Trying this a little more veggie. Battered mozzarella and eggplant grilled cheese

Sandwich with meat (turkey) 

I don't remember the name of these... But its a lightly battered grilled cheese sandwich with sliced turkey

It's sunday morning so i made some home fries with salt and pepper. That's it, they're good.

Curried mac'n'cheese with alfalfa microgreens, corn, onions, and cremini mushrooms. Was a little worried it wouldn't turn out but its really good!

i wouldn't say i'm very good at biscuits, i just like eating them. i have extremely warm hands, so my trick is to:

1. freeze a stick of butter
2. grate the frozen stick with a cheese grater
3. freeze the bowl of grated butter again

that seems to keep the butter from melting too fast when i mix in the buttermilk to make the dough. if i'm not in any particular hurry, i'll combine the flour and other dry ingredients with the grated butter and re-freeze *that" too.

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Breakfast wrap (sausage, eggs) 

Cheddar sausages, scrambled eggs, potatoes, corn, and more cheese, in a spinach wrap

breakfast sandwich (eggs, cheese, meat) 

Made another omelette with creminis and diced leftover meatballs and stacked it with cheese and queso sauce on a bagel

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