Pumpkin snickerdoodles 

One kind of cookie prepped and ready! I've been told there are 71 kids who'll get cookies, so doubling the recipe twice (a total of 4 times the original) gave me 83 cookies; perfect for one for each child, a few extra to send along because you never know, and a few I can reserve myself and bake for Thanksgiving

These need to be chilled to firm up before baking, so why not overnight? It's better to spread the work out a little (I'm making and baking chocolate chip cookies as well as baking these tomorrow)

I used this recipe sallysbakingaddiction.com/whit but didn't add white chocolate chips because the other cookies will have chips, and I didn't want to add nuts in case of allergies

I love this recipe though! Highly recommended if you want a cookie that stays very soft and chewy for days, plus the pumpkin takes the place of egg, so it's great if you don't/can't eat eggs, and very easy to make vegan (just use a butter substitute)

Lots of cookie recipes say to chill the dough, let it warm up again a little bit, then scoop the cookies, then bake. This is murder on your hands trying to dig into cold dough and the process usually makes then almost room temperature anyway. So what I do is: scoop the dough when it's soft, chill it, and bake it straight from the fridge

Some food blogs will tell you that you can't do it this way, and I have no idea why! There are no drawbacks to this method as far as I can tell

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Also today made some lovely smoked chilli mayonnaise as a gift for my brother, and have given myself a blister and cramps down my arm from beating those eggs

alc, brewing 

bottled my hard kombucha yesterday, trying out the first bottle this evening! It tastes pretty good, i think i over brewed the tea at the start and haven't managed to infuse the ginger flavour properly. still very drinkable, and i'll get more on the go very soon...

i know ive gotten older bc i can no longer eat a whole box by myself

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alc + brewing 

i'm also making forays into brewing and advice there is much appreciated, got cider made from home pressed apples that should be ready by december and some hard kombucha just starting it's 2nd ferment today.

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hello this is my !
i'm jamie i'm a student in london. i mostly cooking for myself and my girlfriend. we're both vegetarian. ive been cooking my whole life pretty much and meals are the center of every day, particularly now we're locked down again. i want to see what's cooking online hopefully diversify my cooking a little, and share some of the things i'm proud of!

current sandwich that i am eating: grilled cheddar pesto red onion and balsamic vinegar on white bloomer. it's pretty good, easy sandwich. not one of the greats

here are some of my best sandwiches from years gone by in no particular order:
-raspberry jam and 1€ brie from super U on baguette
-pesto, parmesan and grilled vegetables from a jar (co-op fiore fiore selection) on focaccia
-piadina con rucola e stracchino from a piadina shop in milan (i ate this religiously every wednesday for 6 weeks while living there)
-melted comté on baguette with branston pickle
-mince meat (from mince pies) with cheddar on baguette
-my infamous soup sandwich (a soup, thickened to a spread with cornstarch, and quorn burger on baguette)
-hereford hop (a cheese) and homemade pickle on white slice (this one is more for nostalgia value my grandparents always pack me this one for the train back from visiting them)
-avocado halloumi tomato and red onion reduced in balsamic vinegar in a bun
-'ed's squashed frog': speciality of a café i worked at, houmous, mushed avocado and cheese (any) grilled on sourdough
-aioli, sriracha and breaded portobello mushroom

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i'm on the quest for the perfect sandwich. i will stop at nothing.

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