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L’espirit d’escalier but for stuff I should have bought at the grocery store

a device like a car cigarette lighter but for softening the end of a stick of butter

I always forget how much i actively enjoy american cheese once in a while

Shout out to Justin McElroy; I don’t remember if it was a recent episode of , or one I just happened to listen to recently, but he expressed a scrambled egg opinion forcefully enough that I had to try it, and he’s 100% right: just scramble them directly in the pan with butter; no beating ahead of time or adding milk. Eliminates steps and dishes used, and the texture is so much better

Update: did not make that one because their POS recipe blog threw up an un-dismissable subscribe dialog on my phone and I couldn't read the recipe. Tried another one I found and I'm gonna just call them 'microwave sad cakes' from now on.

(I do think that chocolate ones tend to be a *little* bit better, but really, they're never quite the treat you want them to be)

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I know they're always vaguely disappointing, but does anyone have a favorite mug cake recipe for regular old yellow, vanilla cake?

Real “eat an entire bag of potato chips while making dinner because I waited too long and got hungry” hours

Not sure why sriracha is the hot sauce I always reach when I'm eating a frozen burrito... maybe because the sweetness tempers the excessive sodium content of most processed foods? 🤔​

Crepes! Alton Brown’s base recipe has never failed me (IIRC he has sweet and savory variants but I just use salted butter and add additional pinch of salt.

Cast iron skillet on low heat (3 is perfect on my electric range) and 👌👌👌

The hardest part is remembering to make the batter at least 30 minutes ahead of time so it can rest

dijon mustard on sandwiches

putting myself on blast and saying u can have too much garlic in a dish especially if its raw

alc mention (but result wouldn't contain alcohol) 

put dark beer in your stew/chili and thank me later


Oof. Found a few cans of barrel aged stout from a local microbrewery in the back of the fridge. It’s not really stout weather but it sounded good.

I didn’t remember much about the one can I’d had last winter and in hindsight I think I now remember falling asleep after only a couple of sips.

It’s bad. Like, this-batch-must-be-infected bad, because I can’t imagine a professional brewer tasting this and deciding to put it into production.

Down the drain it goes. On the plus side, that means I can buy more beer.


Baked salmon fillets with oven roasted summer squash and zucchini (tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic) and some kale done on the stovetop, just wilted with oil, salt and pepper for five minutes and then 1/2 cup or so of water added and cooked off.

No photos but it’s pretty good.

Tell me about deep frying.

It was never a thing my family nor my spouse's family did, so my only first-hand experience with it is from a couple of boy scout campouts where we made 'poor man's donuts' (read: deep frying pillsbury biscuit dough) in a cast iron dutch oven over a camp stove, which came out pretty well but all I remember is there being a big jug of oil that just sat in our garage forever because nobody knew what to do with it.

Should I not even bother if my kitchen has no active ventilation?

What *do* you do with the oil when it's used up? (I think our transfer station has a collection vat)

How big of a pain in the ass is it if you don't have a dedicated appliance? (IE, what if I just use a deep, heavy-bottomed saucepan on the range?)

Not that I should get in the habit of deep frying food all that often, but when I got up this morning I was like "Goddamn I could go for an old-fashioned cake donut this morning" and I had one of those "you know what? I could figure out how to make donuts if I wanted even if it's not a Thing My Family Does" moments

Iced moka pot coffee is... intense 😳​ I should put half of this in the fridge and add a bunch more milk

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