We have a couple of ice cream places in town. Both make their own ice cream, one makes OK “straight out of an industrial recipe book with too much food coloring and regular full size chocolate chips that will break a tooth if you’re not careful” ice cream and the other, which used to be part of a working dairy farm, makes lovely ice cream that always tastes light and fresh and wholesome... and, get this, one of their regular flavors is CHECKERBERRY CHIP.

It’s so good 😊

RIP my sourdough starter, apparently. 😔​ Not sure what I did wrong, but the loaf I tried to start overnight never really rose properly, and does not smell like a good kind of sour 😬​

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aww man I know that every little thing ads up when you're running a burger stand (especially right now) but dammit, are Heinz ketchup packets *really* that much more expensive than Red Gold?

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Confirmed, this goes really well with fish, thanks for sharing it @allegedlycake! (And thanks for the heads-up on the citrus, I backed the lemon juice off to about 4 tsp and it's pretty good. Something about the combination of flavors really makes it taste orangey.)

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valid to eat gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough out of the freezer

Hyperlink’s Kitchen Tips

FREE WHEELIN’ IT: Instead of looking up a few recipes to make before heading to the grocery store, try simply re-purchasing cans of diced tomatoes you will not use one at a time until you have enough to build a fort

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mad at previous me for talking myself out of buying some buttermilk

I decided to try this entirely on the basis of the package size, which is about 1/2 as big as your usual noodle puck, which is nice because sometimes you don't want to consume like 8000mg of sodium in a sitting.

The noodles are actually pre-dusted with some flavoring, but there are also two separate seasoning packets; one for the broth and the other for heat, which I really like.

Unfortunately the broth is pretty bland.

Food (fennel, fish) 

I came across this recipe (I feel like it was probably here actually? If so, thanks to whomstever shared it) and am going to try it this weekend, I think it should pair pretty nicely with salmon


Tried to get away with letting a sourdough loaf rise overnight, did not proof much, baking it anyway

I always forget that it literally takes an entire evening to make pizza if I don't have dough/crusts on hand, but it's worth it. No pics because I ate the hell out of it as soon as it was ready.

Did not try onions this time because I couldn't be arsed to deal with the extra prep nor onion stink, maybe next time.

pizza question: what's ur preferred way to add (yellow) onions to pizza

just drop them on raw and let them cook however much they will with the rest of the pizza?

cook them some amount first?

:staring at coffee packaging for 20 minutes:

what the fuck is “smooth roasted” even supposed to mean

No photo but a little while back I ordered some black pearl tapioca and giant paper straws online, and being able to make bubble tea (or iced coffee) at home as occasional treat is pretty nice. You just toss however many boba as you want into boiling water for a couple of minutes and 💥​.

Instructions say to use them within 4 hours once prepared, not sure what happens to them after that. (My guess is they get tough again.)

peaches are manna from heaven and Vegemite is sugared tar

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