meat of the beefy variety 

Had to use up some stuff in the fridge for dinner tonight.

  1. Four strips of bacon cooked to crispiness and then drained
  2. Half an onion chopped fine and cooked to translucency in the bacon drippings
  3. A bunch of Brussels sprouts cleaned and halves, tossed in with the onions plus salt and pepper
  4. Steak pucks seared in a pan and baked to 165°F (actually went a bit over, sadly. O for a thermoprobe!)
  5. Onions and sprouts scooped out and drained
  6. Mushrooms tossed into the sprouts pan and browned
  7. Bacon chopped and tossed over the onions and sprouts
  8. Cherry tomatoes halved and seasoned
  9. Steak puck drippings poured over the mushrooms and reduced to walnut brown

Not worth the bother, but man oh man I need to eat sprouts more often.

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