meat of the fishy variety 

Salmon "en papillote" (foil because though we have parchment paper I can't crimp it worth a damn) with celery, pearl onions, lemon, and rosemary; spinach with sriracha and toasted black and white sesame seeds; baked potato with chives; and a simple grape tomato and feta salad with shredded basil.

Not much to the fish: finely diced celery underneath, with a bit of crushed and roughly chopped garlic, then the salmon on top; rosemary on each side to make it a bit easier to remove; salt on each surface of the salmon, then thinly sliced lemon wheels over top. Seal the top of the foil, roll the edges tightly shut, then bake at 425°F for about 15-17 minutes.


meat of the fishy variety 

Just the same dish again. It's quick and easy and I was pretty tired.

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