Oooooh, and the local cocktail emporium just received their restock order of the good falernum! Gonna make some Captain's Blood drinks this weekend, aww yiss!

I should also finally hack open that coconut and toast its inside bits, it's not getting any fresher...

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Just ordered a piece of gear to hold a small lighting rig in place

So my cocktail photos will turn out better


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A recipe blog, but the recipes are all wildly oversimplified and the blog parts are forty thousand words pulled from Project Gutenberg.

“Make a full pot roast dinner in just five minutes! Ingredients: 1 full pot roast dinner, 1 tsp salt.
I love how simple this recipe is! The suburb of Saffron Park lay on the sunset side of London, as red and ragged as a cloud of sunset. It was built of a bright brick throughout; its sky-line was fantastic, and even its ground plan was wild....”

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The best part about being an adult is that when you crave (high protein) banana pancakes you can just make them. 🥞🥞🥞

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Just made apricot chutney for the first time, improvising from Did not use enough ginger.

In the middle of making apricot paste. Working from


It's Tuesday night, so: Oscars & Cocktails! Still on 1955, and tonight it was the Cary Grant vehicle To Catch a Thief.

The cocktail tonight - singular rather than the before/after intermission pair we usually choose - was the bourbon based Wicked Behavior. It's unbalanced towards the sweeter side, but it remains interestingly complex and very, very drinkable. It would go well in a larger glass packed with crushed ice, I think.


  • 1.5oz bourbon
  • 0.75oz pineapple juice
  • 0.25oz elderflower liqueur (we used St Germain)
  • 0.25oz Aperol
  • 0.25oz fresh lemon juice
  • 0.25oz honey

Shake hard with ice, double strain into a chilled coupe (a deep coupe, this is a decently large amount of liquid especially after the ice dilution). Garnish with a dehydrated pineapple wheel.

(cf. )

meat of the fishy variety 

Just the same dish again. It's quick and easy and I was pretty tired.

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Pizza for dinner.


Tastes like...

...sodium, and taking an easy evening in the kitchen before launching into some fun stuff this week!

(Doesn't taste like shame. That is not what food is about.)

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Hyperlink’s Kitchen Tips

QUICK TIP: Know the difference between a red and green bell pepper? A red bell pepper will hone in when tossed at your enemies, whereas a green bell pepper will just bounce off the walls

meat of the salami-y variety 

Simple breakfast this morning: two boiled eggs, corn tortillas, sliced avocado with Montreal steak spice, hummus with a drizzle of Marmite, a few slices of fennel salami, two espresso/cocoa biscotti, and a cup of coffee.

All right, next weekend I'm picking up some celery root and the one after that will be fennel. I'm going to start working my way through vegetables not in our usual rotation.

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I'm Nick Fury and when you talk about food I try to recruit you to

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Ice cream 

Time to 🍨🍨🍨

It's been a long time since I've used my ice cream maker! I still have about a cup of that nice caramel I made though, and I thought it would be great as a swirl in some coffee ice cream

Of course, the cooking, cooling, chilling, churning, and freezing will take all day, but at least it's easy

@mdszy hey skelly whomst cooks, is there any way I can toss you a few bucks as thanks for running this instance?

The wrinkle is that I'm in Canada and have no PayPal account so Patreon refuses to take my money

Update: only made it to lunch time before serving it up.

The texture was absolutely amazing, creamy and almost like a milkshake without the weight. The flavour was every last drop of chocolatey flavour in the coffee, plus a nutty sweetness from the oat milk, and a dessert-like sweetness from the sugar - it could even stand to drop back a bit, maybe from 16g to 14 or 12 for two servings. (I think next time I'll add just a tiny pinch of salt too, not because I felt it was missing this time but because it tends to sharpen up and highlight parts of some coffee flavours.)

Factoring in all the consumables brings it up to about $2.25/250ml, which is pretty indulgent but still better than $4+tax per 250ml can.

Categorical win, definitely making this again!!

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...then the nitrogen.

(NB., _not_ NO2, rather pure N2. NO2 makes a frothy drink rather than a creamy one, and seems to add a bit of a metallic flavour for some reason.)

Into the fridge with it, and now we wait!

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