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Happy new year, everyone! The clam chowder turned out great, but I forgot to post the recipe. Oops.

- 3 diced russet potatoes
- 2 tbsp lard
- 1 stick butter
- 2 diced onions (small)
- 4 stalks diced celery (small)
- 4 cloves chopped garlic
- 1/2 cup flour
- 3 tbsp Vietnamese fish sauce
- 2 cups clam juice
- 3.5 cups whole milk
- 1 tsp thyme
- 1 tsp black pepper
- 1 bay leaf
- 2 tbsp dill
- 6 small cans drained chopped clams
- salt to taste

Brief Instructions:
1. Brown the onions, celery, garlic in the lard.
2. Add butter and flour to turn it into a roux. Cut it with the milk.
3. Add the rest of the ingredients and slow cook until the potatoes are soft.

- The flavor of the lard didn't really come through. It's probably fine to skip this and just use extra butter instead. Or if you want pork flavor use some bacon.
- The consistency was a good balance of potato-y vs. dairy. If you like heavier cream flavor try substituting a cup of whipping cream for some of the milk.

Original Inspiration:

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time to slow cook until the potatoes soften

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cooking some xmas clam chowder. have i mentioned that i like dill?

dashi, miso paste, some sort of onion-ish vegetable. i always forget how quickly you can whip up a not awful miso soup. perfect for mild winters.

lunch today is red lentils cooked in a rich turkey broth made from thanksgiving leftovers.


oh yes.

borrowed a small coffee roaster and roasted some yirgacheffe beans last week. turns out it's a lot easier and faster than i thought.

machine: fresh roast sr450

ham-fisted light roast instructions:
- keep the fan on max (9)
- blast the beans with max power (9) until you start to hear a cracking noise
- turn down the power to 5 for about 3-5 minutes while the color evens out
- lower the power down to 1 for the 3 minute cool down

once brewed the coffee turned out extremely bright and earthy. i haven't tasted much like it since i toured a coffee farm in hawaii years ago ☕​

raw meat 

Depending on degrees of laziness I might make a quick and dirty soondubu jjigae to go with it. Hmm...

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raw meat 

Happy Labor Day for all the Americans on here! I’m marinading a batch of faux-Korean short ribs to grill for this holiday weekend.


some japanese whisky tonight. taking the J train downtown.

currently have a covered pan going on low with a frozen brick of ground turkey, a bunch of mushrooms, and a mound of spices on top. it's a low effort day :celradeline:

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today's mood: being that trope about throwing a crap ton of paprika onto everything


more likely, i should have salted the soup better.

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me eating leftovers: this tastes kinda bland. do i have covid?

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whenever i get on here i just rain faves down on the TL, and i have no regrets

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everything on this instance looks/sounds so good

biscuits are great with jam but even better with sausage gravy.

we were feeling decadent and had bacon fried nice too. all part of this balanced breakfast!

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