a note about chile 

a note about chile (a spicy pepper with a particular flavor profile): my chile ingredients are sourced from local new mexican distributors, i believe they're mostly from hatch. people are nuts about what particular kind of chile is used. if you're not from somewhere where you can source this kind of chile, i'm sorry but the resulting flavor of the dish will be different or lacking in essence. i still believe you can make it edible to your suiting, but replicating a recipe exactly might be impossible. accurate spice sourcing is truly difficult despite this stupid (harmful) globalized/standardized food industry.

chana masala recipe, includes ghee 

chana = chickpea
masala = mix??

>Whole spices:
Mustard seeds
>Ghee (and/or coconut oil)
>Onion (1 whole)
>Ginger grated (2ish inch nub)
>Garlic (~5+ cloves)
>28 oz can crushed tomato (organic)
>powdered/crushed spices:
Garam masala
Cloves (optional)
Black pepper
Cayenne or chile
>Cooked chickpeas (from 1 ½ cup dried)

Add enough oil to feel fantastic to a large and deep pan heating up to low-medium heat. Add all whole spices to be tempered. If they’re on medium heat, wait till they pop to add chopped onion and garlic. Sometimes the pop doesn’t happen, just make sure you don’t burn the spices; use your nose because the smell will change as they temper, and sometimes you can tell with your eyes if they get too brown. After adding the chopped onion and garlic, grate ginger and add to pan. once the onions get clear, dump in the crushed tomato. Add all powdered spices. let the tomato cook down to desired texture (pretty thick for me). You’re going to want to mix it often so it doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pan. Don’t forget the salt like I do. Add chickpea’s when complete. Mix and taste along the way. This is usually coupled with basmati rice. I hope you get smashed by the curry coma.

This is my version from years of experimenting and messing up a lot. I recommend looking up dal and chana masala recipes online for more guidance re: portioning spices. I tend to go wild with the spices cuz I’m the supreme leader of the spice cabinet. I know I add more coriander than cumin and enough black pepper to activate the turmeric. A little bit of conventionally sweet spicing (cardamom, cloves, garam masala, etc.) can go a long way. I use organic crushed tomatoes because they seem to render a better, fresher taste than the non-organic, but feel free to use whatever kind of tomato you have access to. I also use lactose free ghee that’s labelled as such which means it’s way more expensive than it should be (I’m lactose intolerant and I’ve had sad experiences buying various ghees and having to waste my precious lactase supplements). For this reason, I split the ghee quantity with coconut oil. Ghee is very important to the final overall flavor.

Ayşe’s Menemen recipe, includes eggs 

Ayşe’s Menemen (a Turkish breakfast for two)

>Olive oil
>½-1 Onion
>2-4 yellow hot peppers
>2-4 Tomatoes
>4 eggs (2 per person)
>Black pepper

Cover a large pan in olive oil. Chop the onion and peppers (remove the seeds) and sauté until onion is clear or close-to-clear. While sautéing, dice the tomatoes. When the onions are clear, add the tomatoes. Add salt and pepper. cook down the tomatoes until you reach a relatively thick consistency, mixing often so the tomato doesn’t burn to the pan. Once desired thickness is reached, turn down heat to low. Make 4 dents in the tomato sauce so that you see the bottom of the pan in a square shape like so (::). Place each unshelled egg in each dent. Here, I like to sprinkle a little salt on the yolk. Cover the pan with a lid and cook eggs to desired hardness. Take pan off heat and serve directly in pan because this stuff is incredibly hard to remove from the pan with any grace. Enjoy!

Notes: I used to work at a wonderful Turkish restaurant. I mimicked this recipe from the chef Ayşe, who is much like an aunt or a mother. I’m not super sure if I’ve got it right. I helped prepare it; I remember chopping onion and a whole bunch of spicy peppers that looked something like yellow hot peppers, banana, Anaheim, and/or Hungarian peppers (light yellow or light green). My left hand was glowing for like 2 days because of it. I also chopped a lot of fresh tomato. I can’t remember if there’s garlic or not but my instinct says no. the amount of tomatoes you use clearly depends on the size of the tomatoes. I’m partial to heirloom tomatoes because they taste the best (I also love the purple, green, and orange colors), which I suppose makes this a summer recipe. It’s a very simple recipe meant to enjoy the decadence of natural flavors. If you’re not making this in the summer and fresh ingredients are hard to come by, you can replace the pepper spice and flavor with paprika and crushed spicy red pepper. you can also use a can of diced or otherwise tomatoes.

hash scramble recipe, includes eggs 

Diner breakfast for two (hash scramble) recipe

>Hash browns
Olive oil
2 small red potatoes (~1 per person)
Garlic (3-5 cloves)
>Oregano (a lot! cover the whole pan)
>Crushed red pepper (~2 tsp)
>Cumin (~1 tsp)
>Coriander (~1 tsp)
>Paprika (optional) (~1/2 tsp)
>Black pepper
>4-6 eggs (~2 per person)
>Ketchup or horseradish mustard

Shred the potatoes with a grater or food processor. In large pan, add enough olive oil so that the potatoes (and later eggs) will not stick to the bottom. As the pan heats up to medium heat, add chopped garlic and spices including salt. Add enough salt so that when you add eggs, no extra spicing is needed. Oregano should carry most of the flavor. Mix it all up and then turn heat down to low and cover the pan with a lid for simmering. This is to cook the potato through. Test periodically, the goal is for the potatoes to be easily poked through. After the goal is met, take lid off, increase heat to medium-low and add eggs. Mix together. Mix often so that eggs don’t stick too badly to the bottom of the pan. once the eggs are cooked and congealed enough to the potatoes, take off heat. Divide in half for two plates (one per person). Serve with ketchup or mustard on top as each likes it. The condiments (featuring vinegar) create a fuller flavor flavor.

sorry i forgot a to take a photo, it was so yummy, we ate it super fast!

possible disordered eating 

does anyone fixate on the next time they eat? like "wow i can't wait to eat lunch" partially because you've planned what ur going to eat and ur excited or bc u somehow feel hungry?

what's everyone's favorite fruit(s)? pomelo is one of mine

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"when you knock on the bread it should sound hollow" SHIT YEAH IT DOES, LETS GO

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i've been more or less continuously baking this yummy bread for maybe a month now: kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/w

i really like making my partner treats to eat. i made this clear one day sometime in early december and they were like hmm...i would like some yeast bread. and so i thought about it and remembered that my mom used to make this yeasty holiday bread in the breadmaker with nuts in it (my favorite part was the frosting on top). i would devour that shit every holiday-time. i went through the internet looking at european holiday breads but couldnt find a similar recipe.i eventually narrowed down my search to any bread with walnut in it and found this simple but divine recipe. quality honey and olive oil are magic together. i've been adding whatever seems nice in place of walnuts. i started out with pecans and some fancy raisins. this one is some pecan but mostly walnut and dried blueberries and came out really gooey and soft. every iteration came out different depending on how long i let it rise or how much flour i added or what kind of honey i used....truly a fun adventure every time. my partner loves it, it's their favorite bread now. :skullhearts:​ highly recommend

just made some amazing pumpkin curry using this website: thaitable.com/thai/recipe/vege
i highly recommend the website if you like thai food and have a good market nearby. i feel like i just made restaurant quality stuff. and now i have a lot of curry paste to use up :skull_hearteyes:
note: i used already super cooked pumpkin that i needed to use up. the texture in the pic is not the same as described in the recipe, but i love goop so.... :niss:

green bean fries (roasted green beans) recipe

an immense amount of fresh green beans (enough to feed you and your brethren)
spices of your choosing (see comments for my approaches), i have no reference for portioning this, you’re just going to have to wing it
salt to taste
a bit of cooking oil (olive or otherwise), whatever suits your fancy, just has to be in liquid form when applied

chop the edges (stems, etc) off your green beans. keep an eye out for moldy spots (dark spot with white fuzzy growing on it) or rotten spots (dark and limp spot that seems unappetizing) and cut those off if you find them. accumulate your green beans in a large bowl. i’m lucky enough to have a large bowl with a fitted lid, which is perfect for this recipe in particular. pre-heat oven to 400 (deg F). glob the olive oil on your accumulation, a little goes a medium-long way. add your spices of thick grain (anything larger than fine powder). put on the lid or maybe a makeshift one and shake it all around, do the hokey-pokey… you could alternatively stir things up with a spatula if lids are hard to come by. i say spatula because you’d prefer the spices/oil to stick to the green beans, not your utensil; silicone-ish spatulas are well-suited for this. after shaking things up, dump the contents onto cookie sheets or adjacent pans with fitting parchment papers. the parchment paper is only to avoid cleaning a messy pan later. your spices are sacred, so use that spatula to scoop out the leftover spice-oil onto your uncooked green beans. spread them out on the sheet as best you can so that they aren’t too layered upon each other; we ideally want them all to have contact with the bottom of the parchment paper/pan. sprinkle salt on top as necessary. sprinkle remaining fine-powdered spices on top as well. shove your pan(s) in the oven for 25-30 min. they will scream in the oven; that is how you know they are doing well. the goal is to get the side of the green beans that touches the pan browned and crunchy (but not burnt). i am satisfied with just one side being crisped because this is a go-to recipe for when i am lazy. if you’d like both sides crisped, i recommend flipping the green beans somewhere before or around 25 min and then make sure you leave them in long enough for the 2nd side to crisp. do your best not to burn/char them. enjoy!

comments: spice combos i like are 1) [black pepper, turmeric] and 2) [rosemary, sage, garlic, black pepper]. the first one is probably amazing with ghee. you could probably add thyme to the 2nd one. sometimes i add pepper flakes or cayenne for heat. i really enjoy this as a meal because it's filling and helps my tummy feel happy, but it can very well be a side dish.

i get so excited about food/eating that i burn my tongue too often 😅
does anyone know if this destroys ur tastebuds?

recipe for eggie breakfast (includes eggs, cheese) 

portion as needed for your soul; i completely made up these measurements because i just throw this together in the morning. this is a recipe moreso for its concepts rather than ingredients, build upon or leave out what you wish!

2 eggs
~tbsp roasted green chile
~1/4 cup cooked rice
~1/4 cup cooked beans of your choosing (optional)
~1/4 cup walnut pieces (smaller than halves, larger than grounds) (optional)
pepper (optional)
shredded cheese (optional)

start heating a small nonstick pan on medium low heat. crack 2 eggs on it, preferably before the pan gets too warm. spoon some green chile into it. sprinkle on your desired amount of rice. add beans if you like that. mix up with a spatula so it covers the whole pan. with any breaking device like your fingers, break up walnut into pieces and sprinkle on top. add salt and pepper as you like it. maybe add cheese if you can digest dairy. continue mixing up with spatula. you're going for somewhat of a mushy scramble texture, trying to make sure it's cooked to your desired hardness. serve in bowl and devour because breakfast is very important.

you can of course substitute any spicy pepper for the green chile but the flavor will not be the same/as good. i've simply added basic red pepper flakes or cayenne when i was without the good stuff. it was sad but still edible. if you don't have a nonstick pan, adding copious oil might do the trick. we dont want the eggie mix to stick to the bottom of the pan, because then you'll lose precious food, that's all! in this recipe, you're using rice somewhat in the same manner you would use bread if making french toast. its purpose is to soak up the egg and make it congeal together. therefore the kind of rice you use will have an impact on texture. i tend to use long grain brown rice, but if you use a white or sticky rice, the texture is honestly much more fluffy and appealing. i've also used cooked potato for similar breakfast purposes before and that came out nice (maybe add sour cream in that kind of eggie breakfast if youre slavic 😉). the beans provide flavor and texture but sometimes they really stand out or don't get mixed in very well because of how much rice (congealant) you use. if you add cheese, congealing will be much stronger and it will come out a bit sticky (it will be hard to tell when it's cooked). walnuts can honestly be any thickness. if you grind it up as if a flour, it will make the eggies really fluffy! if you leave them as halves, they provide some serious crunch! i've also used pine nuts instead here which come out pretty nice. you just want some kind of savory nutty flavor. havent tried peanut but it might work 🧐. i personally enjoy having ground black pepper in this, but honestly you dont need it if you got good chile. ultimately this recipe is..up to you. i've made a "curried" version before (using cumin, coriander, tumeric, ginger, etc rather than green chile/basic spices) and that stuff is pretty heckin good too! have fun!

vegan frito pie recipe, includes allusions to beef/cheese 

vegan version of a new mexican favorite.

the pie part:
olive oil to your hearts delight
1 onion
5 cloves garlic
~1/3 cup red chile powder (this contains nothing else but ground chile)
1/2 of a 28oz can of diced tomatoes (optional, will change overall flavor)
~1 cup cooked pinto beans
1 package of "beyond beef" grounds
salt to taste
dash of oregano (optional)

the topping part:
fritos (possible to sub corn chips, but flavor will be different)
nutritional yeast

in a large/deep pan, sautee the onions and garlic in the olive oil. add the fake meat grounds. separately, whisk the chile powder in tomato juice or water. add the mix to the pan. add the rest of the tomato if you'd like tomato. make sure you heat the pan to a high enough temperature so that there is no chance of bacteria in the chile powder or fake meat grounds. if you're wondering about overall flavor, the chile is supposed to provide most if not all of it; add chile as needed when tasting intermittently. cook down the liquidy pan contents to the desired thickness. add the already cooked pinto beans when thickness is achieved. let the pie portion cool for a little and prepare for serving by putting a fistful of fritos in a serving bowl of your choosing. slop the pie on top of the fritos. add nutritional yeast to your hearts desire on top as a cheese substitution. enjoy!

u know ur fucking crazy when u go thru extensive lengths, requiring excessive patience (for material acquisition), to **attempt** to replicate ur favorite tea that u could have just bought from the store...

i dried my own orange peel...sourced licorice root (for sweetening i use in every tea), peppermint, and chicory root from ebay spice/herb distributors (because the bulk section at accessible grocery stores have been continuously cleared out due to the pandemic)...had some leftover spearmint from my last trip to a decent bulk store...had extra cinnamon as a gift from family friend...

why did i choose to weather these obstacles??? what's something silly or excessive u did because of the pandemic?

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