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Oh I haven't done one yet.

Hi folks! My is that I'm @clarjon1 , a silly boy.

I do like to experiment with cooking, and I'll try to remember to post my experiments here, as well as neat recipes I find.

There may be the odd
post but that shouuuuldn't be the norm. For example my """"life hacks"""" series will stay over on my main. Mostly.

Hope to learn some good new recipes, and am looking forwards to sharing my experiments in cooking!

food, meat and pasta 

Bacon mac and cheese 🤤

No recipe other than:

Purchase frozen mac and cheese from Denningers grocery store

Preheat oven to 375 and bake for 45 mins ish

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Cookbook: put raw eggs into a bowl before pouring them into a skillet so they fry at exactly the same rate

Me: use an extra bowl without thinking about having to wash it, who am I, the queen of France

Photo of grilled meat 

Dusted off my cast iron grill/griddle slab and got some chicken out from the freezer.

Seasoned with some salt and garlic, added some mustard late into cooking and, had a success!

re: meat, recipe addendum 

Oh i forgot to mention, the air fryer has a dehydrator function, which is what mode I used!

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re: meat, recipe 

Final update:

That jerky did NOT last long. I ended up snacking on it as i worked and now it's all gone ;-;

Clarjon1's Hoisin Jerky

So to reiterate what exactly I did, I got a ziplock bag, got some fast fry stirfry strip cut meat frmo a grocers store, and added in a bunch of hoisin sauce, and let that sit for an hour, then mixed in some lemon juice. No measurements, sorry, I tend to wing these things.

Let that set like 16 hrs total, then plopped it in my air fryer set to 165F for 3.5 hrs

Came out quite nice, and if you're familiar with the soft Jack Links jerky, it had that consistency.

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re: meat 

quick update, snacked on a piece that looked pretty done.

hoisin sauce as a marinade makes for some damn fine jerky

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drawback to making beef jerky

i want to eat NOW but it's not done yet

smells so gooooood


Makin beef jerky! Got the meat marinating in the fridge overnight, and will keep it there for another few hours.

This batch i'm marinating in Hoisin sauce, i think it'll make for a interesting yummy treat!

re: contains meat 

post-consumption update: was goooooood

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contains meat 

Finally got around to using that kangaroo meat i picked up ages ago.

Mixed it up in a bowl with some egg, various spices, some breadcrumbs, made meatballs with it

started frying up some frozen bell pepper+ onion mix and some frozen spinach, and a can of mixed veg, added more spices to taste

Cookin it all up in one pan cuz i'm lazy and don't want a gazillion dishes to wash.

Juices that it's cooking in taste delicious, looking forwards to hte final product!

Whoops forgot to post an update. Went a lot better than i expected it to! Next time i'll leave it in for a bit longer tho.

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Food experiment time.

Gonna try heating up a steamed bun in my castiron

made some fried rice earlier, and added in some better than bouillon turkey paste to it. Very good combo!

Food idea:

Corn on the cob, but instead of buttering it up, using bacon grease

contains meat 

Fried up some frozen peppers and onion, tossed in some stewing beef, some spices, added a bit of water and plopped some frozen udon in. Got it covered now to keep the steam in, waiting on the noodles to thaw and absorb some of the juices :D

Time to make some dinner! Thinking of cooking up this ground ostrich i picked up, adding this egg noodle made with wild garlic, and some meat sauce i found at the bottom of the grocery store freezer, lost and forgotten, that wasn't in the current system...

Pirogi time!
Forgot to take pics, but imagine if you will, a plate of potato and cheese pirogi that has been fried up in a cast iron pan.

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