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Those horrible-wonderful peanut butter and flourescent orange cheese cracker sandwich six-packs, share if you agree

Did any of y'all grow up with your mom making recipes from the Official Star Trek Cooking Manual?

We used to make "Walter Koenig's Piroshki" all the time when I was a kid in the 80s and 90s. I got to help roll out the dough, mix the filling, and fold the piroshki!

I should pull that recipe back out and make it, mostly need the crescent roll dough and a little sour cream which we don't usually have in the house lately.

Oat milk?

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Hi all! I'm a techie dude in Portland, Oregon who likes to cook and eat from time to time.

Well, I like to eat regularly. And I cook some stuff regularly. But I would like to cook more and better! ;)

I'll occasionally post some recipes I've had or found with photos of the results. Nothing just now, but hopefully soon! :)

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