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update: it was good, i should have put them in for a few more minutes and added some more salt or maybe vinegar though

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pro tips

  • don't pick the wrong preset
  • don't forget to preheat it
  • don't realize you forgot to preheat it 3 minutes in and then take the food out to preheat it while it is already hot
  • don't preheat it then put it under the wrong preset again
  • don't pull them out early after doing all of that, see that the stray leaves are already browned, put them back in because you feel they aren't done enough, then pull them out because you can smell them burning
  • don't
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i tried to make those brussels sprouts but i messed up several things and burned them

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Recipe: we know it might be hard to find but it reeeeeeally is worth mail-ordering this ✨ special champagne vinegar✨

Me, measuring out white wine vinegar: ok

hot food take 

iceberg lettuce is literally garbage replace it with nearly any other leaf it'll be better

"maybe i should get an air fryer" has now upgraded to "looking at reviews and prices for air fryers"

like seriously i've been thinking about the brussels sprouts for over 24 hours now. it's the best thing i've eaten in, like, months, what the hell

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i had chicken parm for my birthday but i also had roasted brussels sprouts with a little balsamic and that was literally better than everything on my plate. i'm not sure if i'm getting old or if this has just been missing from my life


it turned out ok i think! i forgot to take a pic and it wasnt exactly well presented anyways as i had only a small plate clean

chicken seemed to be 165 in the deepest but it seemed inconsistent when i went to measure which i think just indicates to me that i need to not buy a $15 thermometer

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