probably unnecessary meat 

I'm not sure why I had *this* green onion pancake recipe in my database instead of one that was (a) written by someone from Taiwan or China (b) less fiddly and/or (c) vegetarian, but I finally tried it tonight and it was absolutely delicious. I think I'll try several more recipes & have a bit of a green onion pancake cookoff. Plus experiment with different fats.

This time, I used lard from nitrate-free bacon and reduced it from 1 Tbsp/pancake to 2 scant tsp, mostly because I couldn't get a full 1/2 Tbsp to stay in the pancake on the first rolling.

sweet tooth vs. vegetables 

Today I consumed a mug of coffee with milk in it, 2 snicker doodles, and 2 slices of cheesecake. I have no idea why I only want sweets the past few days, but I really need to eat more vegetables.

I have some cauliflower in the fridge right now. I'm thinking either cauliflower curry (based on Vegetarian Epicure II) or baked cauliflower tots (based on Just a Taste). Probably curry, because I think the last time I made tots, the rest of my household ate 2 enormous heads of cauliflower in < 24 hours, and I was hoping to freeze some.

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Covid related, griping about unsafe working conditions. 

Today I find some dark irony in the fact that I, a professional clown, am acting as the voice of sanity and scientific reason to a potential client.

Signs you may be in #Texas include the possibility of clowns stepping up to serve as the voice of reason in absence of otherwise sound thinking.


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Follow up poll:
Black and/or Indigenous person, what does BIPOC mean to you?
(White ppl/nonBlack, nonIndigenous people boost, don’t vote!)

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When I was very small, my Mom & I would write books. She would ask me to tell her a story, which she would write down on some stapled-together typewriter paper (yeah, yeah, I'm old), and then illustrate for me to color. Later I graduated to doing the writing and illustrating myself. These things would make Mom laugh until she cried. MUCH later, she gave me a box of mementos from my childhood, including some of these books.

Every. single. one. of the stories was about food. Even the ones that started out about hiking, or playing with friends, or architecture, or anything else you can imagine.

So, lifelong interest. I'm super psyched to be here! Thanks for having me.

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