cooking with electric sucks, I want my gas stove top back 😭

Follow up! I made that Millionaire’s Shortbread and it was delicious 😋

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folks I made a nice chicken thigh and roasted veg last night, but the sauce, the brown butter sauce had the freaking temerity to spatter *everywhere*. I was careful so I only got burned a little, but holy smokes! after cooking on gas for seven years, going back to electric is kinda, well, it sucks! 😅

a shortbread happened 🎉

first time! yes I made this because I saw the Babbish yt video, and yes Millionaire’s Shortbread is next.

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I moved and have a new kitchen. it has, no joke, over ten times the counter space from my old tiny New York apartment

biscuits looking a bit sad? let me ask you: do you have some macerated strawberries? then I have some good news

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I don’t even own a cookie cutter, I made these with a cup. Wasn’t ideal.

“The biscuits do not go well, Enterprise.”

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mixed results on the biscuits

~mistakes were made~ lessons were learned

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Trying to make biscuits for the first time today because, I’ve lived in America for five years and I think it’s about time I start making biscuits.


And what better beverage to have while cooking in the summer? Why it’s beer of course! Beer: the beverage of summer.

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Folks, tonight we made pesto and it was so exciting that we forgot to take photos. Amazing, with parsley we got from the CSA. I effing love the summer time babey 💆‍♂️😋🤩

Breakfast time! “Swiss-style muesli” So you grate an apple (skin on, extra fibre!) and mix in a half cup of yogurt. Then a quarter cup of muesli, which is like a European cereal with rolled oats and seeds and whatnot. Let it sit overnight and boom! Delicious breakfast.

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