Concept: pumpkin spice macarons

Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg in the macaron shell, with a little pumpkin + cream cheese filling

Have to get cream cheese and a can of pumpkin next time I go to the store


I'm already planning on making eggnog macarons once the Festive Season gets here: nutmeg in the macaron shell, filled with a French buttercream (which is made with egg yolks) flavored with a little bourbon

I did strawberry lemonade macarons earlier this summer so between that, upcoming pumpkin spice macs, and eggnog macs I've got like 3/4 of the Delicious Seasonal Mac bases covered

What would be a quintessential "spring" macaron flavor? Mint? Something floral?

auto cw: could contain food 

This is a weird suggestion, but dandelion "coffee" is very spring.

@alpine_thistle hmm I always think of lemon cake for spring, but that is not as cool as any of your other seasonal flavour combos 😁

@Sissas I'm always down for lemon cake tbh. Lemon poppyseed up in this bitch

@alpine_thistle green tea has always tasted like "spring" to me, very herbaceous

auto cw: could contain food 

@alpine_thistle I would think something floral. Or maybe strawberry rhubarb? Those are both late-spring plants.

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