Wife wasn't feeling well and requested pizza, so I delivered... a pizza-like object

I didn't measure and I can't do math, so any chance I have of recreating this is in the Lord's hands, but the dough was about 70% hydration? It was pretty wet, and it went into the pan almost like a batter. I also made about twice as much as I planned to make, so we are euphemistically calling this "Detroit style."

Pesto was made with lambs' quarters that I foraged from my yard, pistachios, and random mixed herbs, plus garlic and parmesan cheese. My wife is also allergic to olive oil, so I used rice bran oil, which has a "pleasant nutty taste" according to the bottle. (It's very light, but the green seepage from the pesto at least makes it LOOK like olive oil)

There's also some secret salami under the cheese (whoops too brown, but the crust was perfectly baked)

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