For real if anyone (on toomanycooks or elsewhere) needs advice on ingredient substitution, my DMs are open. I am very very good at it, since my wife has multiple food allergies (it's probably a mast cell disorder and not "true allergies" but long story short there's a lot of things she can't eat)

Forbidden ingredients? No fucking problem

Wife wasn't feeling well and requested pizza, so I delivered... a pizza-like object

I didn't measure and I can't do math, so any chance I have of recreating this is in the Lord's hands, but the dough was about 70% hydration? It was pretty wet, and it went into the pan almost like a batter. I also made about twice as much as I planned to make, so we are euphemistically calling this "Detroit style."

Pesto was made with lambs' quarters that I foraged from my yard, pistachios, and random mixed herbs, plus garlic and parmesan cheese. My wife is also allergic to olive oil, so I used rice bran oil, which has a "pleasant nutty taste" according to the bottle. (It's very light, but the green seepage from the pesto at least makes it LOOK like olive oil)

There's also some secret salami under the cheese (whoops too brown, but the crust was perfectly baked)

Amazing how I managed to make a pan of baklava where every single piece is a different size and shape

I tried to follow the instructions on the side of the phyllo pastry box, but they were kind of weird and I was also reducing the amount of baklava by about 2/3, so I had to adjust the heat part of the way through baking and tweak some other stuff. Idk how it's going to turn out.

Used ghee because I had some lying around and pistachios because they're one of the only kinds of nuts that my wife isn't allergic to. The syrup uses half honey and half sugar.

Changed my mind, I'm not making macarons (also I'm out of eggs). I will be making baklava tomorrow, however

I haven't made macarons in a hot second. Might make some later if the humidity isn't too terrible

My eggplants in the garden have been very productive. They're SO GOOD and need minimal seasoning--these are just cut in half the long way and seared in a hot, dry pan for a few minutes on each side. I then brushed the cut side with a little soy sauce, and that's it. Eating with homemade pork dumplings and home-grown cucumber kimchi

Just the eggplant was from the garden--the other vegetables were from the store

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Didn't take a picture of it but tonight I made a vegetable stir-fry with mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, and eggplant from the garden. For the eggplant I cut it in half and seared the cut sides, and then cooked the rest of the vegetables before tossing the eggplant back in at the end with some hoisin sauce so it wouldn't get soggy.

Ate it with rice, homemade pork dumplings, and homemade cucumber kimchi (cucumbers also from the garden)

This shortbread technique is a keeper. I used Alison Roman's salted butter chocolate chunk shortbread recipe as the base, but instead of using chocolate chunks I roughly ground up some cacao paste and added it to the dough.

Cacao paste is not sweetened, but chopped super fine like this, the whole thing is both chocolatey and sweet. It also doesn't emulsify like cocoa powder does, and instead makes a stracciatella-like effect in the cookie.

One of my chickens laid her first eggs!!! They were both perfect tiny little eggs and I cracked them and put them on top of naan bread with pesto and baked it. A+

Ok the final amaranth cake experiment turned out great. Nice and chewy, crispy on the outside, not mucusy at all. I fried up some lambs’ quarters, prosciutto, and eggs to put on top, and it’s an A+ breakfast for dinner.

Amaranth: a journey

I cooked up some amaranth the other day so I could eat it like polenta, but it turned out to have a totally weird gelatinous texture, so I figured I’d try to do something else with it.

Today I wanted to make amaranth cakes (shaping into patties and frying in ghee), but that didn’t work either—they just oozed in the pan. So I scraped the whole thing into a bowl and mixed in some oats and a touch of baking powder to “soak up” the “mucus.” This is, so far, working better.

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I got a bialetti yesterday

Lookin forward to some espressooooooo

a toot for cheap wine enthusiasts 

The $5 Sangria from Target is tasty

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