decided it’s time to clear out the freezer because it is chocka block, so tonight i had prawn hargow (from frozen) with garlic sesame snow peas (from fresh) and coconut rice (from home delivered thai) and i sure ain’t complaining about it.

accidentally ordered spicy thai fried rice and now i have a burnt tongue? see, i told you spicy food doesn’t agree with me.

(it was very tasty tho)

i feeling like making something, anything, today but yesterday i made the citrusy fennel slaw and there’s no real reason to. (freezer is full, i only have me to feed, etc) what a terrible* problem this is.



made a ‘traditional’ meat & 3 veg kinda dinner:
herbed turkey burger i made, but from the freezer, sautéed corn & zucchini with lemon & dill, and mashed potato with onion garlic gravy (packet). simple, comforting and tasty.

how can cooked broccoli smell so bad (when i take it out of the fridge) yet taste so good?


the other thing i made over the weekend was teriyaki salmon in the oven. i even bought and cooked some sushi rice to go with it. i really miss going out for japanese food.

i will definitely be making this again. and, because i only baked 2 salmon fillets i have left over teriyaki sauce to have with something else.

after a week of sandwiches and soup i was glad to make some new meals today.

first i made pea and halloumi fritters for lunch. they were pretty quick to make and nice. tomorrow i might have an egg with 2 and call it brunch.


i impulse bought brioche slider buns the other thinking i’d make more turkey burgers but i’ve made breakie rolls instead. yesterday salami & scrambled egg, today avo & scrambled egg.

i have so many baby avos in the fridge i need to eat!

made lentil soup again, and made a few tweaks to it.

this time i used tuscan kale instead of swiss chard, mainly because i bought too much kale for my pet rabbit to get through.

i used chopped tinned tomatoes instead of crushed, which was a mistake. crushed is better.

i also added mushrooms which was good and reduced the soup simmering time to avoid overcooking the lentils which was also good.

fennel was 99c at the greengrocer (instead of the usual 3.49c) so i made a simple little pasta dish with it!

fennel, garlic, cream cheese, lemon juice, flaked salmon fillet, parsley, toasted pine nuts and spiral pasta

🍜 noodle additions for when your spoons🔋are low, meat and non-vegan 

For when I'm making ramen packages and my spoons are low. Granted, I wouldn't do all these at once: usually 1 meat, 1 veg, and maybe a protein addition.

**Meat** 🍖
• leftover meat: dicing stuff can sometimes be more work, but chicken nuggets / strips are good. popcorn chicken can be used directly. i'll cook way too much popcorn chicken, then fridge 2/3 of it to use in noodles later.
• deli meat: ham or chicken sometimes can be bought shredded, but if it isn't i just tear the deli slices into shreds.

**Veggie** 🥦
• frozen broccoli florets: toss some in with the water and it will cook as it boils.
• baby spinach: i love this one cause I can buy a tub of it and toss a handful in with the noodles. it doesn't need to be chopped or anything it'll just wilt down to bite-sized bits.

**Allergy Zone** ⚠️
• 🥜 peanut butter: a teaspoon adds some more protein
• 🍤 frozen cooked shrimp with the tails already removed: can be hard to find, but if you do they can just be boiled with the water like broccoli
• 🥜 sliced almonds: half a handful is enough

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i’m still out here making sides - this time it’s a barley based dish with bacon and peas. it’s very tasty.

i used pearl barley instead of “whole hulled barley” thinking it was the same thing but the cooking time according to the packet was 15 min less than the recipe, so maybe double check that one.

also cooked more bacon and stirred it through instead of cooking to a crisp and sprinkling it on top


also made the tried and true pork mince with lots of veg, noodles and oyster sauce dish. this time with orange capsicum, zucchini and kale slaw mix from the supermarket (tuscan kale, purple cabbage, carrot, beetroot, daikon). delicious as always.

really into making side dishes at the moment so i sautéed some purple cabbage with ginger, garlic onion, capsicum and a splash of rice wine vinegar and it was great

last week i bought 3 pears because i’ve been thinking about them for while but i’m not sure what to do with them. poach them maybe?

adding a bit of avocado under the egg salad is also pretty great.

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i also made satay chicken & noodles for work lunch. nice and easy to make and eat. i don’t think it needs the tomato sauce in it though.

Chicken and Noodles with Peanut Sauce.
[i used wok-ready singapore noodles and added them to the pan with the chicken when it was browned, along with the sauce and cooked it altogether]

made a tasty lil vegetable side dish to go with the scalloped potatoes. probably don’t need a recipe to make this but i did.

Lemon Corn and Zucchini
[i used 1.5 large french shallots sliced for the onion and 2 tablespoons fresh dill instead]

egg salad on sourdough toast for lunch today (and breakfast tomorrow). quick to make and pretty tasty.

personally, i would add 2 more eggs because the herbs are the main thing i could taste and i love egg salad because of the eggs.

Georgian Egg Salad

also, in the comments someone mentions using half coriander and half cilantro, which i don’t get because aren’t they the same thing?


okay, deep dish + thick sauce not an ideal combo, tho i didn’t intend to make so much. in a shallow dish it would have been just right. but it’s cooked through and still tastes good, which is the main thing. also wondering if i should have added some
cheese between a layer or 2.

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