instant ramen 

funny how right after i got this account, my consumption of instant ramen dropped as my family got actual groceries

anyways bowl numbah 7

instant ramen 

bowl number six

i'd think of something quippy but im hungy

instant ramen, lyrics 

ladies and gentlemen

this is ramen numba five

made breakfast

learned from last time: more cheese, less burning

burnt grilled cheese & fries 

had to throw away the grilled cheese cause it was burnt so bad

fries were okay though

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Steak & fries 

One of my favorite meals, even if it's just frozen fries

instant ramen 

status update: the salt is killing me holy fuck

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instant ramen 

at the beginning it worked out REALLY well

if the noodles at the top were dry of flavorwater, i could dig to the bottom of the bowl and unearth some warm, freshly flavorwatered noodles. super tasty

the lower in the bowl i went though, the more heavily flavored the noodles tasted, and the noodles at the bottom were so salty that they were practically inedible

im probably gonna keep straining my ramen, cause that salt concentration fucked me up good

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instant ramen 

Bowl number three

Usually i strain the noodles after mixing in the flavor packet but this time im going full liquid in

will report back if it works out

instant noodles 

What's that smell?

It's bowl numbah two baybee

This account isn't going to be ENTIRELY ramen, I'll try to actually cook some stuff


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