All summer long my husband has been making extra potatoes in foil packets whenever he grills, and then I use those in tempeh potato tacos a couple days later, and we both feel like geniuses

The bread is the first one he's made from Bryan Ford's New World Sourdough, and the directions in the book could really be better, but the bread is truly fucking phenomenal

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It is our anniversary so my husband took the day off and I made these ridiculously good sandwiches for lunch: homemade sourdough coffee bread, homemade mustard, homegrown roasted Chioggia beet and greens, with a local cheese that's like goat milk Brie

I made brioche for the first time and it looks like if you drew bread in a cartoon

I am irrationally proud of myself that I had an intense craving for Taco Bell nachos because I keep seeing the ad for the big box of nacho, and *almost* got in my car to go get a box of nacho, and then said, "no, honestly, I can make nachos, for crissake"

This was an excellent lunch by the way, I put some spicy vegan ranch dressing on the Cherokee Purple tomato and had just a couple lil slices of sharp cheddar too

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Pasta e ceci with a yellow squash, Swiss chard, and kale from the garden. I can't believe our greens are still good, but they keep going! It's wild! I have eaten so much kale!

Today I am going to have some dolmeh and a whole ripe tomato from the garden for lunch and I'm extremely excited about it already

Today we are making: small batches of jam! Elderberry blueberry at the top, tomato at the bottom. I cobbled together several different ideas for the elderberry, and landed on: squeeze the juice out of those babies and then throw some blueberries in there and wait for it to be jam. The tomato is just a Mark Bittman recipe I've made a jillion times, love it, smells amazing, can't wait

Ok so I made this tomato paella with eggs on top and it is beautiful and it was delicious but also I burned my hand on the pan, worth it though

Related: meat eaters, do you know about soaked cashews? Cashew cream? You know you're allowed to do this even if you also eat dairy, right? Because cashew cream is AMAZING

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Strozzapreti with zucchini, homemade ricotta, veggie sausage, and a pile of herbs from the garden! This is a New York Times recipe, and it had an abnormally high number of comments (499!) so I actually looked at them and they were mostly: halve the amount of pasta and keep everything else as is. So that is what I did, two big yellow squash for half a pound of pasta. It is..... extremely tasty

Please remind me to make bread dough tonight, I thawed some mashed potatoes and everything, but I WILL forget

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Savory tomato pound cake and marinated zucchini salad

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