These burgers are gonna be poggers

Meat related cooking 

Oh gosh the garlic truffle mash potatoes we cooked extra of a previous night got used up for breakfast with bacon and eggs today.

A little bit of the bacon fat and the brown bits from the pan (with the help of a few squirts of cooking wine/apple cider vinegar ) was decadent shit especially with the yolk of a couple eggs and some crisp bacon.

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re: trans cake adventures FIN 

photoshoot time lmfao 🥰

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Fish - mundane cooking 

So tuna salad is like the easiest stuff ever but the best ones I’ve made I kinda do the mixing/seasoning in two steps instead of just throwing everything together.

After you cut celery or onion or whatever veggie; add your salt/pepper with some lemon/lime and mix around until aromatic. The salt and citrus help release and disperse the flavor of the veggies as well as any spices. They also tend to soften a little bit from the salt/citrus

This second apple pie of the season is NOYCE. I used the sally's baking obsession crust.. I kinda wanna try to do it with vodka or some other spirit instead of ice water, see how that goes.

I used golden delicious and granny smith, left the skin on a few of the apples but cut them thinner for those that had skin.

I think the apple flavor is a little more dynamic than the one I made last time as a result.

Last time I skinned a bunch of granny smith and cut them all like a fourth of an inch.

Meat related 

Do y’all regularly put anything special into the ground beef other than salt and pepper with your burgers? Sound off.. I do lately

meat related 

dang, just kicked this mushroom soup up by making hot sausage then using some of the browned bits at the bottom of the pan to make a sauce with vinegar then adding it


Every other time I get the idea to make my own mayo for tuna salad I inevitably botch the first go at it cuz I forget to mix the egg\dry ingredients THEN very gradually add oil and vinegar\lemon juice

GOBLIN PATIENCE means I just inevitably haphazardly disregard that process in hungered optimism

I made a panzanella for the first time and the recipe apparently has you toast the bread! Then you just Rub a raw clove of garlic all over it as tho your crispy bread is a freakin cheese grater! Who does that?? I guess I do now.. it was good.

Sooooooooooooooooooo the local italian place just SLID maiktake mushrooms into the meal I had and good LORD... I am so thankful

carrots and celery are more durable veggies that you can fry about 5 minutes or so before you add in less durable ones like thinly sliced peppers or onion, crushed\slice garlic etc. If your skillet gets crowded like mine did put a top over it and lower the heat as you wait for stuff to soften.

If anything sticks be sure to have wine, water or stock on hand to splash into the veggies that have done so! The flavors will come right up from the pan with a bit of mixing after you splash em

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dine in 

I have had some of the best food I've ever had!
Lords have mercy! I feel vacant, after such a meal? Truly that I might be worthy of scorn, but here

Mussels Morrettti or mussels in beer? If your italian resturaunt knows it well they will give a bit of sausage with it and a decadent little beer\white sauce with it in a heaping helping of garlic. Wonderful with a side of bread, and sausage somewhere in the sauce.

Meat mention, food 🍎 

We get some dinner delivery stuff (blue apron) and they had a pork dish with this week’s aaand by coincidence I had picked up a couple VERY LARGE 👀 Rome apples at the grocery store just to see what the variety was like, and quickly decided they would make better sauce than eating out of hand.

The apple sauce I just made with them is bangin’! Gonna go good with these chops

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Sausages, summer vegetables & deviled eggs 

I went to a distanced, outdoor party in my mother's yard tonight, the first get together I've been to since March

My brother made the lamb sausages, I made vegetable gratin and deviled eggs

If you wanna do it in one night it's easier with another pair of hands to help out with prepping the sauce\cheese, then the frying\breading\layering part

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oh, it definitely takes a while to pull off and you'll have some dishes to do.. I was really reminded why not everyone has the time to do traditional recipes, or why restaurant spaces are much more suited to this sort of thing.

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