A recipe told me I could put raw halved potatoes in a (stainless steel) bowl on top of the short ribs I'm cooking, making them ready for mashing, we will soon see if that was a mistake


Short ribs & mashed potatoes 

Oops forgot to follow up, and this was all in an InstantPot btw

It's a good meal— the potatoes came out soft enough to mash but they taste strangely... concentrated? I guess because they were cooked without water. The only ones I've had before that tasted this way were potatoes cooked in a slow cooker

Savory but not salty, in a way that feels almost too strong

Short ribs & mashed potatoes 

@Louisa Louisa this is beautiful

It is beautiful

Short ribs & mashed potatoes 

@gnomon thanks! Good comfort food

Short ribs & mashed potatoes 


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