I used to do this quite often, boil the pasta, then fry it.

As far as spices go, I'm sure I added a LOT of garlic powder (which I'm currently out of), probably some oregano, basil, maybe thyme. I vaguely remember experimenting with adding cinnamon, too.

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Thinking I might fry up some spaghetti but I can't remember what I used to put in it.

That myoko’s would be absolutely divine in a stuffed crust or filled breadsticks.

Post bake. It’s been in for about 21 minutes and that’s getting to be too long. Cheese didn’t melt like anticipated but it smells good af.

I might have let the dough rise too long, it was pretty airy when I pressed it out.

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Next time I think I’ll just snap pictures and leave the commentary for downtime.

It’s kinda hard to juggle cooking and tooting.

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Post top, pre bake.

This is my first time using this brand of vegan mozz.

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But this is coming a long very well!

Dough was a tad stretchier than I would have preferred, but this is one of my better presses into a pan.

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The original plan was a Chicago style deep dish pizza but unfortunately don’t have a pan for it.

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Toppings cut, ore cooking. That’s green pepper, vidallia onion, and zucchini.

On the stove is the other half of an onion and some beefless ground.

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But I can take absolutely no credit. It was some HungryRoot thing, all I had to do was heat stuff up.

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I could talk about non-dairy milk all day lmfao

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